Report: Male City Managers Serve Longer Tenures Than Females

Posted on January 27, 2015

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Report: Abysmal Percentage of Women Managers Exists in Local Government205345_10150146666803634_7070985_n

Hot off the press! GrassrootsLab has issued a report on the disparity of women leaders in local government. Not only are there less women in leadership, but the women in these roles have shorter tenures than their male counterparts.

Male city managers serve on average one year longer than women, working for one city for an average of 4 years while women serve for about 3 years. California’s manager tenure is much lower than the national tenure which was approximately 7 years in 2012.5 However, the difference between the genders in California is less than the national average. According to the ICMA 2013 Task Force on Women in the Profession, female managers at the national scale have worked 5 years at their current job where men have served for 7.1 years.

Chloe Kachscovsky, Researcher, GrassrootsLab, commented, “There appears to be glass ceiling in city management across California. This is magnified in the 50 most populous cities where 19 percent are led by women and only one of the 20 largest cities has a female city administrator. Even cities with female majority councils do not have more than 19 percent female city managers.”

ELGL stands in strong agreement with the report’s call for substantive action to improve the abysmal percentage of women managers across California. ELGL looks forward to working with GrassrootsLab on real action to change something that hasn’t changed since 1984 — the percent (13%) of women in local government management positions.

You can report the entire report at Gender Gap in City Management.

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