Rewind: Dealing with Social Media Trolls

Posted on November 25, 2015

Webinar Recording: Dealing with Social Media Trolls – Chris Hernandez, City of Kansas City, MO

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Takeaways – #TrollHunter

Before you make someone a admin, ask a few questions to see if they “get it”.
Let the media know when their sources are repeatedly providing incorrect facts.
Kansas City has a rumor page but cautions being careful with how you use it.
Residents who point out problems in your city can be advocates if you’re prepared to engage & educate.
Your “frenemies” can be helpful with responding to issues.

Chris Hernandez recommends that city managers and mayors get active on Twitter, has worked well for Kansas City
#DeadRaccoonTO was a learning experience for the City of Toronto. Fun Fact: ELGL tweeted with the dead raccoon.
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