SMART Parks: A Toolkit

Posted on February 5, 2018

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation created SMART Parks: A Toolkit, a compilation of technologies that can be used in parks to make them SMART.
The toolkit is meant for park managers, designers, advocates, and anyone who wishes to learn how technology can be incorporated into parks. Some of the featured technologies are completely new. For others, the novelty may be in the use in a park setting or in combination with newer technologies.
The toolkit describes each technology, how it fits into a park setting, why a park manager may decide to use the technology, and challenges that managers may face when implementing it. The toolkit also provides specific examples to help readers understand the opportunities available and how technology has been or could be applied in park settings.
The document is organized by park components, representing the main features and management considerations for most urban parks: landscape, irrigation, stormwater, hardscape, activity spaces, urban furniture and amenities, lighting, and digiscapes.

H/T to ELGL member Ed Krafcik with Soofa for bringing this Toolkit to ELGL’s attention!

Download the Toolkit!

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