Survey: Relationship Between Local Government and Non Profits

Posted on March 27, 2015

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Survey: Relationship Between Local Government & Non Profits


By: Colleen Casey, UT-Arlington School of Urban and Public Affairs

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Increasingly, nonprofits play a valuable function in local government, from service-delivery to policy advocacy. Yet, many questions remain about effective ways to manage and cultivate relationships with nonprofits.
One way local government professionals can learn more about facilitating nonprofit relationships is by sharing information with other professionals.

The purpose of the brief survey is to learn more about how you, as a professional in local government, interact with nonprofit organizations. The questions that follow ask you about the types of nonprofits with which you interact, the dominant relationship your organization has with nonprofits, the primary strategies and tools you use to manage or cultivate nonprofit relationships, and challenges you encounter in your work with nonprofit organizations. The data generated from the survey will be used to identify key strategies that local governments can utilize to facilitate interactions with the nonprofit sector. Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary and all responses will be kept anonymous. All results of the analysis will be made available upon request.

Link: Local Government and Non Profit Survey

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