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Advancing the #13Percent Initiative

In the aftermath of ELGL’s launch of the #13Percent Initiative in 2014, numerous states have launched programming aimed at increasing the low percentage of women in chief administrative roles in local government. The upcoming release of Diversity Dashboard data shows that our profession is continuing to struggle in making significant progress. Below is another opportunity … Continued

It Matters Who You Associate With

What I’m listening to – GovLove podcasts as I get excited for #ELGL18 What I’m watching – youth soccer What I’m doing – ELGL strategic planning I am a joiner. I have always seen the value of relationships and learning so I have gravitated to places where I can learn from peers and be mentored … Continued

#ELGL18: Continuing the #13Percent Conversation

#ELGL18 takes place May 16, 17, and 18 in Golden, Colorado. In the coming days, we’ll announce each of the speakers and sessions. You can register for #ELGL18 here. #ELGL18: Continuing the #13Percent Conversation In 2015, ELGL leaders grabbed a megaphone and began speaking often (and loudly) about the disappointing lack of growth of female City Managers … Continued

Continuing the Conversation: Hello?! Is This Thing On?

Sign up to share your story, insights, or recommendations on diversity in local government.  By Karen Daly, Mountain Plains Regional Director, ICMA Hello?!  Is this thing on? “Wow!  I didn’t realize you had so much experience.  You did a great job responding to the questions from the Council,” said the executive recruiter after my interview … Continued

The #1 Reason Women Don’t Get The Job

This guest post is by ELGL member Lori Sassoon, ICMA-CM Deputy City Manager, City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA President, Women Leading Government The women I know in public service are educated, experienced, politically-savvy, dedicated, and motivated. They take on thankless assignments, build their professional networks through groups like ELGL, and make time for ongoing professional … Continued

#13Percent: Defining Miss Frizzle

Elizabeth Vogel, Deputy Supervisor at Charter Township of Clinton, kicked off our series, “Continuing the #13Percent Conversation.” Hannah Lebovits, candidate for Uiversity Heights, Ohio, City Council, continues it by sharing her experience. Sign up to be guest writer for this series. By Hannan Lebovits (LinkedIn | Twitter | Website) The other day, my toddler asked me if Miss Frizzle is … Continued

Diversity Dashboard: Beyond the Data

I’m here at ICMA17 in San Antonio – proudly representing ELGL and enthusiastically spreading the word about the Diversity Dashboard project.  What I learned during the first day of conversations with colleagues from all over the country is that the energy for and interest in the Diversity Dashboard is beyond what I ever anticipated. Perhaps … Continued

A Young Woman Straightening Out Her Crooked Path to CAO

Elizabeth Vogel, Deputy Supervisor at Charter Township of Clinton, kicks off our series, “Continuing the #13Percent Conversation.” Sign up to be guest writer. for this series. The wrong education & a job title no one understands: A young woman straightening out her crooked path to CAO By Elizabeth Vogel – ELGL Profile, LinkedIn & Twitter My path into local … Continued

Call for Writers: Continuing #13Percent Conversation

  Link: Sign up as a guest writer In 2015, ELGL co-founder Kirsten Wyatt started the conversation with the article, “Glacial Pace: State of Women Managers in Local Government.” Many of you read the article and were moved to volunteer to help our efforts. The article has spread far and wide via social media and … Continued

#13Percent: Using Data to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

By Janice D’Aloia, Mo’mix Solutions, LinkedIn and Twitter Improving and maintaining effective gender and ethnic diversity in local government can be an elusive thing for some organizations.  Most are more than aware of the issue, but addressing and overcoming it has been an ongoing challenge. While attempting to bridge diversity gaps, organizations typically turn to … Continued

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