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#13Percent: The Forecast Calls for Changes

By Sean Jacobs: LinkedIn City and county governments in the United States must immediately develop concrete plans to attract and ultimately hire a more diverse workforce. Individuals with disabilities, women, military veterans, and people of all races, religions, and ethnicity, that are part of the local population need to be appropriately represented. How does local government increase … Continued

#13Percent: Would This Be a Concern if I Were a Man?

In this multi-part blog series, Julie Underwood interviews the women who were the first female manager in cities across the country.  Read the first blog post here and the second post here. Family support is critical I also wanted to know if personal lives, like family and marriage, played a role in their decision to take on these demanding roles. … Continued

#13Percent Club: Breaking New Ground

In this multi-part blog series, Julie Underwood interviews the women who were the first female manager in cities across the country.  Read the introductory blog post online here. First, I wanted to know if they were aware that they would be the first woman in that role, if it played into their decision to apply, and if … Continued

#13Percent: My Journey and My Role

Today’s #13Percent column is by Matt Bronson, City Manager for Grover Beach, California.  I’ll never forget the moment in July 1999.  I was only a few weeks out of graduate school working as a management fellow in the City Manager’s Office in Charlotte, North Carolina.  My role included developing agendas for the weekly Leadership Team … Continued

#13Percent: What You Speak Is Your Truth

 Cindy Mitchell is a recognized leadership coach for county clerks across the country. If you’re interested in connecting with Cindy, you can learn more about her online or on Twitter.  Cindy presented at the 2015 Futures Forum and she wrote to ELGL: “I recently presented at the Futures Forum…  I was so stoked today with the … Continued

Futures Forum: #GenderBalance Presentation

  League of Women in Government and ELGL bestie Pam Antil presented this #GenderBalance presentation at the 2015 Futures Forum. Please use these slides in your educational and outreach pursuits about #13Percent and ways that we can increase the percentage of women serving in local government leadership roles. Link: GenderBalance Presentation    

#FBF: ELGL at NYSAC talking #13Percent

Conference Flashback – ELGL at NYSAC talking #13Percent by Sarah Hazel (LinkedIn and Twitter) This September, Southeast ELGL members, Brittany Bennett and Sarah Hazel headed north to beautiful Lake Placid, New York to the New York State Association of Counties Conference to talk #13percent with their members – elected and appointed county officials. Brittany and I … Continued

#13Percent’ing It for a Year

By Bobbi Nance, Website, LinkedIn & Twitter Training has been on my mind a lot lately as I have been attending a slew of conferences. In the last three weeks, I will have presented at a national, state, regional, and local training in three different states. Knowing that my take on the #13Percent was coming, I … Continued

#13Percent: Recognizing Privilege

Ben Bryant is the Deputy City Manager for the City of Happy Valley, OR.  By Ben Bryant (LinkedIn)  Hi! My name is Ben and this is my first ever blog post! Addressing the lack of women who are in the top administrative job in local government is a worthy topic at an important juncture in our … Continued

#ELGL15: Moving Forward on the #13Percent

At #ELGL15, every attendee will be involved in developing our next steps for the #13Percent initiative. Before we do so, let’s introduce you to our experts. Family Forward Oregon Andrea Paluso is co-founder and executive director of Family Forward Oregon. Andrea is a social worker turned community activist and fervent policy wonk. She has worked … Continued

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