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03.30.14 Your Morning Buzz

Happy Sunday!  This is your Tearable Puns edition of the Buzz (and today we start a new format for your Sunday Buzz where we look back on ELGL stats, the week’s most popular posts, and highlight a few key articles for Sunday dinner table conversation): Upcoming An Evening with Chris Jordan: Changing Organizational Structure #Trending … Continued

Atlantic Cities: Ask a Mayor

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Mayor? Don’t worry the writers over at The Atlantic Cities were also curious so they produced a series of 2 minute videos titled “Ask a Mayor”. They tackle questions like “What’s frustrating about your job?“, “What do people get wrong about your city?“, “Why has no sitting mayor ever … Continued

How Creativity Works in Cities

RICHARD FLORIDA, The Atlantic Cities The human imagination is a bewildering process. How the brain comes up with great ideas is mysteriously complex. Jonah Lehrer‘s ambitious new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, takes a fascinating dive into the world of creativity and how it all works, not to mention devoting a chapter entirely to cities. Lehrer recently … Continued

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