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Engaging Alone, Together

Guest post brought to you by Bang the Table’s Meghan Ruble, Head of Client Services   What a year. If you’re fortunate enough to be healthy and employed, you’re likely doing three people’s jobs. Your work has pivoted and sprinted, and at times come to a complete standstill. You innovated, but mostly because you had … Continued

7 Things to Consider when Engaging Hard to Reach Populations on Race, Equity, and Inclusion

Guest post brought to you by Caity Belta, Engagement Manager, Bang the Table ____________________________________________________________________________________ As an Engagement Manager at Bang the Table, I often find myself addressing the same set of big questions for our clients. Post COVID-19 and in our current social climate, those questions tend to look something like this: How have other … Continued

Involving Your Community in the Development Review Process

This guest post is by Michelle Stephens, AICP, Engagement Manager at Bang the Table 2020 continues to shine a bright light on local government, including the processes and functions it does and doesn’t do well. As a planner and President of the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association, I’m particularly interested in how local government is … Continued

Don’t Despair – Engage!

Brought to you by Engagement Manager, Meghan Ruble, of Bang the Table. A few weeks ago, I started to notice some commonality across conversations from community engagement practitioners around the world, largely centered around despair. The sentiments were generally, “My work is on hold indefinitely. How can we go on engaging when the world is on … Continued

Engaging Between Projects – It’s worth it!

Brought to you by Anthea Robinson-Shaw, Engagement and Client Account Manager at Bang the Table. What would you think if a stranger walked up to you and asked you how you felt?  You would think it a bit odd and be less likely to share what you genuinely feel. Recently I had the pleasure of joining … Continued

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