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Podcast: A 9-year-old talks Parks with Bobbi Nance, Recreation Results

Bobbi Nance President Recreation Results LinkedIn | Twitter Cool things about parks. To celebrate the start of the #ELGLKnope Award contest for the best Park facility in the country we have an interview between Eleanor Wyatt and Bobbi Nance. Eleanor is a 9-year-old that has strong opinions about parks and Bobbi is the President of Recreation … Continued

Smarter Parks in the Park District of Oak Park

This blog post is by Ed Krafcik with Soofa. Ed and Bobbi Nance with the Park District of Oak Park teamed up and wrote a case study to showcase the ways that the Park District and Soofa are co-innovating.  With the abundance of new technologies available for and startup companies interested to partner with local … Continued

The Door to Innovation Swings Both Ways

Bobbi Nance, Park District of Oak Park Project Manager, follows up previous articles – Parks and Recreation’s Perception Problem and Defending the Special District – by discussing innovation. Connect with Bobbi – LinkedIn and Twitter.   My role in helping leading innovation at my agency can be a tricky one.  On one hand, there is the out-of-the-box, big dreamer, inspirational, anything is … Continued

Defending the Special District

Bobbi Nance, Park District of Oak Park Project Manager, follows up on her last column – Parks and Recreation’s Perception Problem by discussing special districts.  In light of John Oliver’s take on special districts, we re-post Bobbi Nance’s article where she shared her experience working for a special district. Want to join the conversation by sharing your opinion … Continued

Parks and Recreation’s Perception Problem

Bobbi Nance (LinkedIn and Twitter) is a former engineering student who decided to make the switch to recreation after leading a music and concert promotion organization in college (one of those, “You mean you can do this for a job?” kind of moments…).  Fast forward 12 years, and she’s now found a way to combine the best of both … Continued

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