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Podcast: The Most Wired Community in Oregon

David Clyne City Manager Independence, OR LinkedIn Shawn Irvine Economic Development Director Independence, OR LinkedIn A smart rural community. David Clyne the City Manager and Shawn Irvine the Economic Development Director join GovLove to talk about their work for the City of Independence, Oregon. This small city of about 9,000 people has used technology like … Continued

What’s Fibre Got To Do With It?

What’s Fibre Got To Do With It? Broadband Access: Is It a Basic Human Right? by Ashleigh Weeden, September 3, 2014 We love the Internet for it’s endless supply of cat videos and award-show-GIFs, Netflix streaming and up-to-the-minute Twitter updates on what our BFFs are eating for lunch. However, it’s the power of connectivity to … Continued

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