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The Undergraduate: Debriefing the ICMA Conference

Connor Reed is a junior at Indiana University in the Kelley School of Business. He is pursuing a major in Economic Consulting, with a double minor in Geography and Urban Planning through the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Public & Environmental Affairs, respectively.  Connor has been an ELGL columnist since 2014. By Connor … Continued

Top 10 in ’14: Foreignness of Local Government

We’re counting down the hits from 2014 – #10: SeeClickFix Names ELGL as a Civic Space Leader, #9: ELGL expanding to Washington State, and now for #8…. Foreignness of Local Government Local government has been unsuccessful in attracting and retaining talent to the profession. The lack of growth of women in management roles is especially alarming. Each … Continued

Foreignness of Local Government with Connor Reed

Connor Reed, Indiana University sophomore, returns to articulate why local government has difficulty connecting with college students. He proves wise beyond his years in distilling the current perception of government. Foreignness of Local Government By Connor Reed While out to dinner with some friends, one a sophomore in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the … Continued

What College Undergrads Think About Local Government?

You’ve heard from Connor Reed, Indiana University and Ashlyn Salzman, WSU-Vancouver, about their interest in local government. To dig even deeper, we recently polled undergraduate students at a four-year university about their opinion of local government. Here’s what we heard.   “Our Congresswoman is inaccessible. She is never actually in town and doesn’t hold town hall … Continued

Exploring Local Government with Connor Reed, Indiana University Sophomore

Introducing a New ELGL Column ELGL is going back to school. We’ve enlisted the help of Connor Reed, a sophomore at Indiana University. We’ve asked Connor to write about what (if anything) college students think or know about local government. Connor holds the distinction of being the first undergraduate to join the Local Government Management … Continued

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