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Between Two Interns with ICMA President Pat Martel

Pat Martel ICMA President City Manager (Retired) Daly City, CA Twitter | LinkedIn. The local government interns are back! Roger Gonzalez and Mark Yager, are currently interning in their second set of cities as part of a year-long four city internship program. They recently sat down with ICMA president Pat Martel for a great conversation. They chatted about everything from getting … Continued

Quiz: Is Your Local Government Prepared for Millennials?

Is your organization ready for the upcoming wave of local government retirements? California-ELGL leader and Daly City, CA assistant city manager Julie Underwood shares a quiz that’s Cosmo-worthy (if Cosmo ever ran polls about local government succession planning…).

California Love: Mythbusting Local Government in CA

As part of our ongoing effort to provide more California-related content, Julie Underwood, Daly City assistant city manager, leads us on a myth-busting tour of local government in California.  California Love: Mythbusting by Julie Underwood – LinkedIn and Twitter Every time I think of California, 2Pac’s song, California Love, starts playing in my head. It has … Continued

Twittersation: #GreatDebate – Assistant City Manager vs. City Manager with Julie Underwood and Bo Ferguson

Tweet. Tweet. Julie Underwood and Bo Ferguson will expound on Julie’s article, “The Great Debate: City Manager vs. Assistant City Manager” during a Twittersation on Tuesday, September 30 at noon Pacific time. Julie is the former Shoreline (WA) city manager and current Daly City (CA) assistant city manager. Bo, formerly Hendersonville’s (NC) City Manager, is now the … Continued

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