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It’s Election Day!

Vote! Vote! Vote! And then, read and listen to ELGL’s exclusive content about the election. Join the discussion in the members-only ELGL Facebook group. Mayor and Candidate for Governor of Alabama Mayor Walt Maddox from the City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama talked about how they handle the influx of fans filling the University of Alabama stadium, … Continued


Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by our favorite day of the year: Election Day. We’re avowed newshounds here at ELGL, and we’ve spent the last few months watching the election spectacle unfold in countless races across the country. Now it’s your turn. Put down the Morning Buzz (it’ll be here all day) and … Continued

11.05.13 Your Morning Buzz

Election Day 2013: Five things to watch today Transaction Wire New public works jobs proposed; council to be asked to authorize changes to department We need a CEO mayor, not a city manager Melanie Adams Promoted to Hillsboro Building Director High 5 How Bush learned to quit Cheney – Peter Baker’s “Days of Fire” offers a detailed … Continued

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