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30 Days of Badger – Day 20

In The Best Idea Yet To Get People to Curb Their Junk Food Consumption, Emily Badger writes about a study conducted by researchers at Texas Christian University and the UT Southwestern Medical Center to help dissuade people from choosing higher caloric food products. By substituting the calorie count on menu items with the amount of … Continued

30 Days of Badger – Day 19

Public Transportation … for Your Car?, is a CityLab article Emily Badger wrote back in January of 2013. In the article Emily mentions Anwar Farooq, a high school math teacher, engineer, and inventor, who was granted a patent for his design of a train-ferry for car commuters. The article has pictures and videos of the … Continued

30 Days of Badger – Day 13

Do you remember in algebra class when the logistical function was used to model the population growth of bacteria within a defined carrying capacity? I assume the first day of a Blog Posting 101 course would consist of 90% syllabus talk, and 10% discussing a list of how not to start an article. I never … Continued

30 Days of Badger – Day 11

What’s with all the cool ideas coming out of Canada recently? The topic in today’s Emily Badger article also originates from the Great White North. The article is titled Bears Need Highway Overpasses, Too and focuses on the necessity for under and overpasses across the Trans-Canada Highway, within the boundaries of the Banff National Park. These … Continued

30 Days of Badger – Day 6

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike. Guess what day it is!   Middle of the week, let’s have little fun. First, read this article by our friend, Emily Badger about crime fighting, meth-lab detecting, Wi-Fi hotspot emitting street lamps… wait what? I wouldn’t lie to you, seriously check this out: The Streetlight of the Future Will … Continued

30 Days of Badger – Day 5

Yesterday’s installment of #30daysofbadger was concentrated on Emily’s CityLab article, Debating the Local Food Movement. As I mentioned, there was one additional thing in this Badger article I wanted to focus on. Here is the excerpt from that particular section: Urban farms don’t have to be incompatible with density, [Sarah Rich, author of Urban Farms] … Continued

30 Days of Badger – Day 4

It was going to be hard to do 30 posts on Emily Badger’s articles and not hit a hot button issue. Today may be one of those times, but as a palate cleanser I promise to put a funny pet video at the end of any and all posts that can invoke strong opinions.

#ELGL14: Emily Badger, Washington Post

#ELGL13 starred Dion Jordan, former Oregon Gov. Kulonguski, former Washington Gov. Gregoire, and the mayors of Beaverton, Gresham, and Portland. The event received rave reviews from Mac’s List (named the ELGL conference as a can’t miss networking event) and George Rede from the Hillsboro Argus. This year, we have added concurrent session, expanded the venue’s capacity, … Continued

On the Public Record with Emily Badger, The Atlantic Cities

For many of us The Atlantic Cities is our Sports Illustrated, always bringing a fresh, unique perspective to government-related issues. One of the journalist responsible for this is Emily Badger. Emily is a Northwestern University graduate who began her journalism career covering sports but was unable to stay away from the exciting world of government … Continued

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