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Podcast: Community Resilience & Climate Response with Jennifer Jurado, Broward County, FL

Jennifer Jurado  Chief Resilience Officer Broward County, Florida Bio | LinkedIn Sharing resources and expertise. Jennifer Jurado, Chief Resilience Officer for Broward County, Florida, joined the podcast to talk about resiliency and climate response. She talked about resiliency and climate response plans as well as the County’s resilience and environmental dashboards. She also discussed the … Continued

Podcast: Management & Neighborhood Engagement with Cynthia Barber, Tallahassee, FL

Cynthia Barber Deputy City Manager City of Tallahassee, Florida LinkedIn | Facebook Making a difference. Cynthia Barber, Deputy City Manager for the City of Tallahassee, Florida, joined the podcast to discuss infrastructure projects and how the City involves the community through their Neighborhood First program. She shared how Tallahassee earned LEED certification and how hurricane plans … Continued

Podcast: Truth and Reconciliation with Gina Peebles, Alachua County, FL

Gina Peebles Assistant County Manager – Chief of Staff Alachua County, Florida LinkedIn | Twitter A path forward. Gina Peebles, Chief of Staff for Alachua County, Florida, joined the podcast to discuss Alachua County’s truth and reconciliation initiative. This work was driven by the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) museum and memorial for lynching victims. Gina … Continued

Podcast: Building and Construction Services with JC Hudgison, Tampa, FL

John (JC) Hudgison Chief Building Official & Construction Services Center Manager City of Tampa, Florida LinkedIn | Twitter Permitting and inspections. John (JC) Hudgison, the Chief Building Official and Construction Services Center Manager for the City of Tampa, Florida, joined the podcast to talk about development services. He discussed the work of a Chief Building … Continued

Podcast: From Deputy to City Manager with Marlon Brown, Sarasota, FL

Marlon Brown City Manager City of Sarasota, Florida Twitter Mentors matter. Marlon Brown, City Manager for the City of Sarasota, joined the podcast to discuss his career path, including his recent transition from Deputy City Manager to City Manager. He talked about working with the City Commission and his plans for his first few months … Continued

Podcast: Community Court for Homelessness with Christopher Leonard, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Christopher Leonard Administrative Supervisor City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida LinkedIn Social services, not jail. Christopher Leonard, Administrative Supervisor for the City of Forth Lauderdale, Florida, joined the podcast to talk about the City’s community court that serves individuals experiencing homelessness. The program focuses on the root causes of each defendant’s issues and applies mandates such … Continued

Podcast: Communications and Podcasting with Christine Martindale, Port Orange, FL

Christine Martindale Public Information Officer Port Orange, Florida LinkedIn The Port Orange Government Show. Christine Martindale, Public Information Officer for the City of Port Orange, Florida, joined the podcast to talk about her new podcast for the City of Port Orange. She shared her transition from the private sector into local government as well as … Continued

Podcast: Local Government Communications & Measuring Resident Opinion

Lisa Holder Communications Officer Sanford, FL LinkedIn Rachel Rembrandt Head of Customer Success ZenCity LinkedIn | Twitter Reliable insights for policy makers. Two guests join the podcast to talk about best practices in local government communications, using social media and finding better ways to measure resident opinion. Lisa Holder is the Communications Officer for the … Continued

Podcast: Game of Drones in Manatee County, FL with Diana Robinson

Diana Robinson Energy Manager Manatee County, FL LinkedIn | Twitter Using new technology for sustainability. Diana Robinson, Energy Manager for Manatee County, FL, discussed how they are using drones to support their work on sustainable buildings, communications and more. Diana shared what it was like setting up a drone program and using different types of … Continued

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