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Riskiest Question In A Job Interview

The Riskiest Question You Could Ever Ask In A Job Interview But It Always Worked For Me Maseena Ziegler, Forbes Contributor During my twenties, I went through a career phase when I packed in dozens of job interviews in the manner of a serial dater. Much of it was purely for entertainment or to satisfy … Continued

What Employers Are Thinking When They Look At Your Facebook Page

Article by: Kashmir Hill, Forbes Staff – 3/06/2012 @ 12:02PM Read this article and related articles from Forbes here.  Why interview when you can Facebook stalk? Yesterday, I told you about a study suggesting that employers can judge candidates’ future work performance by spending five to ten minutes lurking on their Facebook pages. Some readers were outraged by this. “I … Continued

02.04.12 The Morning Buzz

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KuRDzQ-ufY&w=420&h=315] Rewind Last Call for Feb. 9th Luncheon RSVP ELGL Conversation with Gov. Chris Gregoire Job Posting: Multnomah County Performance Auditor Job Posting: Washington County, Oregon Job Posting: Assistant City Manager, City of Bend 02.03.12 The Afternoon Delight Social Media Stay connected by following these Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. Twitter: KING 5 Olympics , CaliforniaCityClerks Facebook:  Oregon Zoo Participate Say Hey! to … Continued

01.08.12 The Sunday Sermon

An example of “incorrect group think.” Presidential candidates say what they would be doing if not for N.H. debate. If Not at GOP Debate, Saturday Night Plans? ELGL In Case You Missed It 01.06.12 The Morning Buzz Job Posting: City Manager Job Posting: Coordinator, Coalition of Communities of Color Job Posting: Assistant City Manager – Riverside, OH RSVP for … Continued

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