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12.19.13 Your Morning Buzz

2014 Membership Drive – Join by December 31 “If you want to keep up with the leading edge thinkers among the next generation of leaders…be a member of ELGL.” says Ron Holifield, Strategic Government Resources $25 individuals, $225 organizations (includes 10 memberships), and $0.00 students Who Joined Yesterday? Katie Mangle, City of Wilsonville Dylan Digby, … Continued

08.10.13 Your Morning Buzz

High 5 The Most Famous Models for How Cities Grow Are Wrong – We need new ways to explain growing urban inequality. Shaun Donovan Wants to Reinvent the Way We Do Disaster Recovery – The HUD Secretary on how we should be innovating climate resilience after Sandy. Help From Evangelicals (Without Evangelizing) Meets the Needs of an Oregon Public … Continued

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