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Podcast: Building Inclusive Communities with Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Councilor Oregon Metro Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter It does not happen by accident. Councilor Juan Carlos Gonzalez from Oregon Metro, the regional government for the Portland, Oregon area, joined the podcast to talk about his choice to run for office and how to build inclusive communities. He talked about engaging with … Continued

Hiding in Plain Sight

Note from Pam Davis, CivicPRIDE Chair: Happy National Coming Out Day! Today is a day the celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community and the unique experiences we have coming into ourselves and then out to the world. One of the most powerful tools for social change is the ongoing relationship-building between people of diverse identities. When people … Continued

The Power of Asking

ELGL is the proud host of CivicPride content. The mission of CivicPRIDE is to advance inclusive local government by empowering LGBTQIA+ leadership.It is a national association for local government professionals of all gender and sexual identities. CivicPRIDE Secretary Taylor Reimann (LinkedIn) and leadership team member Justyn Miller (LinkedIn) provide their insight into respecting others’ pronouns … Continued

Podcast: The Municipal Equality Index with Xavier Persad

Xavier Persad Sr. Legislative Counsel Human Rights Campaign Bio | LinkedIn Examining the inclusiveness of cities. Xavier Persad, Sr. Legislative Counsel for the Human Rights Campaign, joined the podcast to talk about the Municipal Equality Index. Each year cities are rated based on non-discrimination laws, the municipality as an employer and the city leadership’s public … Continued

Pride Matters… Here’s Why

ELGL is the proud host of CivicPride content. CivicPRIDE is a social and networking organization devoted to advancing inclusive government by empowering LGBTQIA+ leadership. It is a national association for local government professionals of all gender and sexual identities. ELGL member Logan Masenthin (LinkedIn | Twitter) provides her insight into LGBTQIA+ in local government. I recently … Continued

The Right Stuff? Or Do Purchases Signal the Wrong Values?

By Sarah Moss, MPA | LinkedIn | Twitter What I am watching: The Right Stuff, about the early years of the U.S. space program What I am reading / listening to: Creative Quest by Questlove / The Roots What I am working on: Rewriting lyrics to pop songs for fun localgov and nonprofit clients to … Continued

Podcast: CivicPRIDE with Pam Davis, Boulder, CO

Pam Davis Sr. Management Analyst Boulder, CO LinkedIn | Twitter Advancing inclusive local government. In honor of Pride Month, Pam Davis, Sr. Management Analyst for the City of Boulder, Colorado and the Leader of CivicPRIDE joined the podcast to talk about empowering LGBTQIA+ leadership in local government. CivicPRIDE is the first nationally recognized LGBTQIA+ professional association … Continued

Video: Understanding Implicit Bias

On January 23, 2019, Jenine Jenkins from CPS HR Consulting presented this webinar on “Understanding Implicit Bias.” View the full webinar in the ELGL webinar library at Members.ELGL.org.

ELGL19 Session: Starting an Equity & Inclusion Program

Time: 10:20 am Friday, May 17 Location: Foster Street Hallway, Room #1  Breakout: Starting an Equity & Inclusion Program – Definitions, Tactics and Best Practices  The trend in high performing organizations is to operationalize and prioritize equity and inclusion on an enterprise level.  But what does that mean and how does it get done?  Attendees … Continued

#13Percent: Creating Added Value through Cross-Functional Participation

Janet Freeman, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, City of Fort Collins, writes how cross-functional teams have positively impacted Fort Collin’s diversity and inclusion efforts. By Janet Freeman, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, City of Fort Collins Best practices on equity, diversity and inclusion often point to maintaining multiple access points for employees to organization participate, from front-life … Continued

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