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Hidden Gems… Passive Job Candidates

Job hunting in local government can suck. Someone once counseled me that for every job I secured, I would need to complete upwards of 10 to 15 applications (and that might be conservative!). The processes are too long, there is too much mystery in the selection process or those panel interviews are set up to … Continued

08.04.15 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Standing Desk Remix)

Previously: 07.31.15 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Make America Great…Again Remix) ELGL members can submit job postings by emailing a link to Ben Kittelson – [email protected] The postings will be added to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Organizational members receive stand alone job postings. Recently Added Development Technician, Salisbury, NC Don’t Worry I Got This Special Projects Manager – … Continued

The First Installment of the Living Resume Book

The first installment of our living Resume Book is here! This month we’ve added two resumes to the collection, who both happen to be new ELGL members. Don Buczek – Assistant to the City Manager, Bellbrook, OH Terrell Johnson – MPA Student, Villanova University Take a look at their resumes below and read through the others included … Continued

The Mac’s List Book: Doing the Work to Get the Work

Our friends at Mac’s List have a new book about finding a job in Portlandia. We’ve read every single word of it and we’re ready to share our takeaways. We’ll highlight Chapters 3 and 4 today. Chapters 1 and 2 were featured here. The Mac’s List Book: Doing the Work to Get the Work By: Chris McKee LinkedIn and Twitter … Continued

The 4-1-1 on the Mac’s List Book

ELGL is a huge fan of books and helping people with their job search, so of course an online book by our friends at Mac’s List would excite us beyond belief.  We had our columnists Chris McKee (of The Job Search) and Emily Leuning (of Very Local Government-y) review the eight chapters. Today we learn about … Continued

Josh’s Job Search Becomes Chris’ Job Search

After the wildly popular Josh’s Job Search and Josh’s Job Search 2.0 we looked around for another Josh who wanted to work in local government and do informational interviews but we came up empty. However, fear not! We found a Portland State MPA Student who is willing to continue the Josh legacy, his name is … Continued

PDX to RDU: The Job Search with Ben Kittelson

Kent talked me into starting a live blog about my experience job searching in North Carolina. So I’ll try and give at least daily updates on how my search is going, how I’m adjusting to the new area, and what I’m learning about local government in the Research Triangle. Back to PDX Thursday 10/16/2014 3:06 pm … Continued

Landing Your Dream Job: What Employers Are Looking For

The Association of Washington Cities has organized an interesting webinar around finding your dream job in local government. They have lined up three speakers who will talk all about what employers look for and what potential employees should be doing. Mark your calendars for Sept. 29! Landing your dream job in local government – what … Continued

Learn How to Get a Non-Profit Job – Mac’s List Event

Our friends over at Mac’s List are hosting a great event for people looking for a job in the non-profit sector. They have gathered together a panel of top hiring managers, human resources heads, and executive directors to answer questions and provide a guide on how to get hired in the nonprofit sector. Here’s the … Continued

10 Ways the Job Search Has Changed

Check out this top ten list from the Huffington Post.  Do you agree or disagree with any of the items listed?  Share your perspectives in the comments section, and we’ll share your thoughts in the next ELGL “High Five” email notice.  And don’t forget to RSVP for the Vizify webinar on August 1 – learn … Continued

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