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Building Bench Strength in Your Organization

Julie Underwood (Twitter & LinkedIn) is the Assistant City Manager of the City of Daly City, CA As I find myself approaching 20 years in the profession, I have moved from being mentored to mentoring. And in many respects, I continue to be mentored, by my city manager, department directors, peers and colleagues. I subscribe to the philosophy … Continued

#13Percent Club: Breaking New Ground

In this multi-part blog series, Julie Underwood interviews the women who were the first female manager in cities across the country.  Read the introductory blog post online here. First, I wanted to know if they were aware that they would be the first woman in that role, if it played into their decision to apply, and if … Continued

Podcast: Let’s Get Ethical with Martha Perego & Julie Underwood

Martha Perego Ethics Director ICMA LinkedIn | Twitter Julie Underwood City Manager Mercer Island, WA LinkedIn | Twitter This week the GovLove team sits down with Martha Perego from ICMA and Julie Underwood the Assistant City Manager of Daly City, CA to discuss one of the hotly debated guidelines for ICMA members, the two year … Continued

#ELGLWorkLife: In It Together

Julie Underwood (Twitter & LinkedIn) is the City Manager of Mercer Island, WA. Her husband Todd Fiala is a software engineer for Apple. Together they wrote this article to share some insights and tips for how to try and achieve work-life balance with a family (children ages 14, 10, and 5), demanding careers, and a supportive, loving marriage. Ironically, … Continued

Quiz: Is Your Local Government Prepared for Millennials?

Is your organization ready for the upcoming wave of local government retirements? California-ELGL leader and Daly City, CA assistant city manager Julie Underwood shares a quiz that’s Cosmo-worthy (if Cosmo ever ran polls about local government succession planning…).

California Love: Mythbusting Local Government in CA

As part of our ongoing effort to provide more California-related content, Julie Underwood, Daly City assistant city manager, leads us on a myth-busting tour of local government in California.  California Love: Mythbusting by Julie Underwood – LinkedIn and Twitter Every time I think of California, 2Pac’s song, California Love, starts playing in my head. It has … Continued

From Ad to Offer: An Insider’s Guide to the Recruitment Process

Our most popular columnist (based on web hits) Julie Underwood returns with an insider’s view of the recruitment process. Julie is the Daly City (CA) assistant city manager and former Shoreline (WA) city manager. From Ad to Offer: An Insider’s Guide to the Recruitment Process By: Julie Underwood,  LinkedIn and Twitter I had just earned my … Continued

Twittersation: #GreatDebate – Assistant City Manager vs. City Manager with Julie Underwood and Bo Ferguson

Tweet. Tweet. Julie Underwood and Bo Ferguson will expound on Julie’s article, “The Great Debate: City Manager vs. Assistant City Manager” during a Twittersation on Tuesday, September 30 at noon Pacific time. Julie is the former Shoreline (WA) city manager and current Daly City (CA) assistant city manager. Bo, formerly Hendersonville’s (NC) City Manager, is now the … Continued

Presentation: Social Media in Local Government

ELGL members Kent and Kirsten Wyatt trained a group of Daly City, CA employees last week on using social media in local government. It was a diverse group with staff from police, fire, city manager’s office, city attorney’s office, building officials, and more. The training consisted of two parts: a review of Facebook and Twitter use … Continued

The Great Debate: City Manager vs. Assistant City Manager

Knope of the Week Julie Underwood, Mercer Island, WA City Manager, writes about the top two positions in local government. Now that I’ve had the pleasure of being both a City Manager (CM) and an Assistant City Manager (ACM), I thought it would be helpful if I shared my perspective on the role of the assistant, … Continued

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