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Serenity Now! Managing Emotional Labor in the Local Government Workplace

ELGL member Leisha DeHart Davis is an Associate Professor of Public Administration in the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government. She is working on a new book, Understanding Rules in Public Organizations. Fans of the show Seinfeld may remember the episode where Frank Costanza (George’s father) tries a new approach to keeping himself calm. When his blood pressure … Continued

Very Local Government-y: Engaging Women in Public Service

ELGL public affairs assistant Emily Leuning returns with another article in the series, “Very Local Government-y.” This time around she interviews UNC professor Leisha DeHart-Davis about the recent “Engaging Women in Public Service: Taking Your Place and Paying it Forward” conference held in Chapel Hill, NC in June 2014.  Background Check on Leisha DeHart-Davis Connect: … Continued

Women Leaders in Government

An article worth sharing from the [email protected] blog. Emily Leuning, ELGL public affairs assistant, has interview Leisha DeHart-Davis for a follow up article on the “Engaging Women in Public Service: Taking Your Place and Paying it Forward Women Leaders in North Carolina Government: We Still Have a Long Way to Go June 17th, 2014 by  Adam Levenson … Continued

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