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Cuckoo for Cookingham

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You may have noticed that we get a little cuckoo for LP Cookingham here at ELGL. Currently, during ELGL’s #MoKanELGL trip, we’re jonesing to get our photo in front of KCMO city hall (an #LPSelfie) and learn all we can about his legacy from KCMO ACMs Rick Usher and Kimiko Gilmore. But for those of … Continued

#MoKanELGL Lunch & Learn: Google Fiber in the Heartland

There is no buffering in the Silicon Prairie. Three years ago, Google introduced Kansas City to its blazing fast internet service. As one of the first citiesĀ in the nation to receive this entirely new internet service, residents were not quite sure what to make of the gigabit download speeds. Sure, it did not do much … Continued

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