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2019 Social Media Trendspotting

Before we get started, I want to give a shout out to the City of Milwaukee, who recently stuck up for their Public Works Department to the tune of $168,000 in parking tickets during a snow event — during my 5 years in Rochester, NY, I would have done some pretty ugly things to see … Continued

Meet the 2019 Buzzers

The Morning Buzz is ELGL’s daily dose of original local government content. It’s published Monday through Friday every week, and is your chance to learn something new about trending and interesting local government topics that our Buzz team writes about. We’re starting 2019 with a 31 person rotation, including 11 new Buzzers this year. Here’s … Continued

Role of the PIO: Aren’t There Two Sides to Every Story?

Are there too many public information officers (PIOs)? Share your perspective by signing up to write an article for ELGL. Nick Smith, City of Gaithersburg, Maryland, kicks off this new column. It seems strange to me that, in a time when the Executive of the Federal Government is coming after journalists as though they were … Continued

Government News From Around The World

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m reading: Football Statistics Blogs — it’s less than a month now until football season, and I can. not. wait. What I’m listening to:  Say Anything’s …Is A Real Boy — an excellent standby. What I’m watching:  SBNation just started a series called “Rewinder” where they talk about how … Continued

Doing Just One Thing Makes You Better At Everything

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m reading: It’s the new fiscal year! What am I NOT reading? But, mostly social media analytics and insights about social media analytics. What I’m watching: I’m really into this Bon Appetit series where a pastry chef sciences out ways to make gourmet versions of guilty pleasures, she’s amazing: Twinkies … Continued

How to Make Your Out Of Office Message Count

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m reading: The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies What I’m watching: the trees, from a hammock What I’m listening to: the sweet sounds rolling banjos and mandolins at the 45th annual Festival of the Bluegrass (related ELGL article, believe it or not) Well, … Continued

Fake News & True Eye Openers (#ELGL18 Preview!)

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m reading:  The Truthful Art: Data, Charts, and Maps for Communication by Alberto Cairo What I’m watching: I recently stumbled upon Doug DeMuro and his car review channel on YouTube and I’m not a car guy at all, but the joy he conveys in doing what he loves is just … Continued

A Taste of #ELGL18 with Nick Smith, City of Gaithersburg, MD

Know before you go… Meet #ELGL18 attendees before you head to Golden, Colorado. Continue the conversation in the #ELGL18 Facebook Group or by following the #ELGL18 Twitter List. Nick Smith City of Gaithersburg, Maryland – Digital and Social Media Specialist Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter My favorite adventure in life was… moving to Rochester to go to college. I was homeless, and everything … Continued

No, you don’t need to #DeleteFacebook

Right Now with Nick Smith (Linkedin/Twitter) What I’m reading: remember when I was excited to start Science & The City? I haven’t read a single page yet. All news and white papers. Sad. What I’m watching: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge — in 1980s Japan, game show debuted where 100 contestants tried to summit a mountain of … Continued

The Government of Things

I thought today would be a good time to write about something exciting and hopeful for the future — so let’s talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it’s impacting local government, and how that impact could grow! In case you’re not familiar, The Internet of Things is “a global infrastructure for the … Continued

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