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ICMA Call for Ideas

ICMA is pleased to announce a Call for Ideas for educational sessions to be offered at ICMA’s 2012 Annual Conference, October 7-10, in Phoenix/Maricopa County, Arizona. Session ideas are invited within the eight theme and career tracks developed by the 2012 Conference Planning Committee. Additional details at: http://icma.icanmakeitbetter.com/

Clackamas County Emerging Career Networking Group

We want to share a unique program with you, started in Clackamas County. ELGL members Rosalynn Greene ([email protected])  Sustainability Analyst and Karen Pearson ([email protected]), Human Resources Program Coordinator – Workforce Planning have been instrumental in getting the program after the ground. The mission of the Emerging Career Networking Group (ECNG) is to connect newly hired and existing Clackamas County … Continued

12.18.11 The Sunday Sermon

The Sunday Sermon Job Hunting Advice from a Top Recruiter It now takes almost as long to get a job in the U.S. — seven and a half months — as it does to produce your next of kin. That’s the longest slog since the Labor Department began tracking job search duration in 1948. Looked … Continued

You Ain’t Cool, Unless You Opt In

From Metro website, “Check out the results from our recent survey on active transportation. Almost 4,000 members told us about their priorities for walking, biking, and public transit infrastructure to inform the regional Active Transportation plan.” http://panel.decipherinc.com/images/uploads/optin/Metro_Active_transportation–Nov5.pdf Please consider joining the Opt In panel to have your voice heard in planning the future of the … Continued

ELGL Book of the Month: The Google Story

The Google Story by David A. Vise Social phenomena happen, and the historians follow. So it goes with Google, the latest star shooting through the universe of trend-setting businesses. This company has even entered our popular lexicon: as many note, “Google” has moved beyond noun to verb, becoming an action which most tech-savvy citizens at … Continued

12/14/11 – The Morning Buzz

Today’s Moment of Zen Job Announcements Assistant to City Manager, City of Sedona http://www.sedonaaz.gov/Sedonacms/index.aspx?recordid=58&page=510 Assistant City Manager, City of Sedona http://www.sedonaaz.gov/Sedonacms/index.aspx?recordid=56&page=510 Recreation Coordinator-Events and Volunteer Program Community Services Division, City of Sherwood http://www.sherwoodoregon.gov/jobs   Board and Committee Opportunities Budget Committee, City of Sherwood http://www.sherwoodoregon.gov/news/budget-committee-vacancy In the Headlines Market Watch: City of Talent Mayor and City … Continued

12/13/11 – The Morning Buzz

Kool Moe Doe – “I Go To Work” Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown Highlights Joint ELGL and OAMR Forum Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders (OAMR) is co-sponsoring the forum. The forum will take place at the West Linn Public Library beginning at 11:45 a.m. Sec. Brown’s presentation will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. She will discuss … Continued

Tweeting Without Fear: How Three Companies Have Built Their Strategies

Tweeting Without Fear How Three Companies Have Built Their Twitter Strategies By ELIZABETH HOLMES – Wall Street Journal Who would have thought typing such short messages could be so tricky? By now, even the stodgiest companies have found their way onto Twitter. They have discovered it isn’t just another marketing channel with a funny name, … Continued

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