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Podcast: Investing in Infrastructure with Kip Eideberg, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Kip Eideberg Sr. Vice President, Government & Industry Relations Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) LinkedIn | Twitter Rebuild with purpose. Kip Eideberg, Sr. Vice President at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), joined the podcast to talk about infrastructure and manufacturing. He shared results from AEM’s recent Infrastructure Vision 2050 report and the need for federal infrastructure … Continued

Podcast: Passion and Public Works with Joey Garcia, Torrance, California

Joey Garcia Sr. Administrative Analyst City of Torrance, CA LinkedIn | Twitter Keeping the fire lit. Joey Garcia, Senior Administrative Analyst for the City of Torrance, California, joined the podcast to talk about his career path and public works. He shared his experience finding that first job in local government, what he’s learned from working … Continued

Podcast: Mobility and Infrastructure in Pittsburgh, PA with Karina Ricks

Karina Ricks Director of Mobility and Infrastructure City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Economic development through transportation. Karina Ricks, the Director of the Mobility and Infrastructure Department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joined the podcast to talk about how Pittsburgh is working with transportation companies in a collaborative way and how her department emphasizes … Continued

Godzilla Turns 50: A Monstrous Story of Innovation

Photo: Godzilla, the first fully-automated residential trash collection vehicle (1969) Today’s Morning Buzz is by Brent Stockwell – connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!!! What I’m Listening To: Something to Say by The Town Pants (2018) What I’m Reading:  The Intelligence Trap: Why Smart People Make Dumb Mistakes (2019) What I’m Watching: Heavy Metal: Solid Waste Truck … Continued

Don’t Separate your “Full Self” At Work

Mike Skibbe, Village of Buffalo Grove, IL – Twitter and LinkedIn What I’m Watching: True Detective Season 3 What I’m Reading: The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt What I’m Listening To: The Dollop Episode 15: Ten Cent Beer Night If you’ll indulge me for a minute, I’d like to talk about my full self. Not … Continued

Innovation Needs Candor, But Don’t Forget to be Caring

This guest blog is by ELGL member Mike Skibbe, the Deputy Director of Public Works at the 2018 Clarity Award Winning Village of Buffalo Grove. Connect on LinkedIn at  or send an email to connect! At Buffalo Grove, we promote a culture of innovation.  One of the “Hard Truths” about innovative cultures, as Gary Pisano wrote … Continued

Take the Time… to Make it Brief

This guest blog is by ELGL member Mike Skibbe, the Deputy Director of Public Works (and self-proclaimed Jenga champ) and 2018 Clarity Award winner from the Village of Buffalo Grove, IL. As recipients of the Management Innovation Award from APWA Lake Branch, I recently created a five minute presentation to celebration five years of hard work integrating … Continued

Being the Youngest Person at a Meeting

Right Now w/ Joey Garcia (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Reading – The Color of Law What I’m Watching – Star Trek: TNG What I’m cooking – Vegan Eggplant Parmesan I recently came across an article on Lifehacker titled How to Deal With Being an Older Employee at a Modern Company that was clearly targeted to older employees struggling to … Continued

No. Nope. Uh uh.

Right Now w/ Joey Garcia (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Reading – The Color of Law What I’m Watching – Queer Eye Season 2! What I’m eating – The Best Chicken Breast of All Time Recently I needed some information from another department which could run a report to complete my request. I reached out to the department manager and after … Continued

Post Conference Ecstasy

Right Now w/ Joey Garcia (LinkedIn / Twitter) What I’m Reading – The Color of Law What I’m Watching – Queer Eye What I’m Doing – Reflecting on a great conference I am running high from #ELGL18! I took some great notes and attended relevant sessions to my position as a Public Works Analyst. Selling an ELGL out-of-state conference was a … Continued

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