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Rewind: Dutch Bros. CEO Talks Public/Private Partnerships at #ELGL15

How Dutch Bros. grew from a pushcart in Grants Pass Just a couple of boys from Grants Pass kickin’ it. That’s what happened when Randy Ealy, City of Beaverton Chief Administrative Officer interviewed Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros. CEO at #ELGL15. We had a request from a few Grants Pass folks who wanted to see the … Continued

Knope of the Week: Randy Ealy, Beaverton Chief Administrative Officer

Exceptional Leader. Collaborator. Questionable Basketball Coach   “The Big Fundamental” Randy Ealy, Beaverton Chief Administrative Officer, is the runaway winner of local government’s top weekly honor the Knope of the Week. Randy was been an ELGL supporter since day one which is evident in his quote in this Portland Tribune article, “Plugging the public sector” about … Continued

Recap: The Beaverton Building

First off, we must thank Randy Ealy, Beaverton’s Chief Administrative Officer for arranging ELGL’s visit to the Beaverton Building. If you missed the event, you missed why it is being called the Beaverton Building instead of city hall. Here is recap of what else we learned. Picture Show: ELGL Visits the Beaverton Building Meeting Agenda … Continued

Josh’s Job Search Finds Randy Ealy, Beaverton Chief Administrative Officer and ELGL Advisory Board Member

This is another installment of an ELGL original content series titled “Josh’s Job Search 2.0” by Josh Halladay. Halladay is sharing career advice that he is receiving in informational interviews. Vitals Randy Ealy Chief Administrative Officer, City of Beaverton Education: Willamette University, B.S. Economics; Portland State University, M.P.A. Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter Connect with The City of Beaverton: Twitter, … Continued

Willamette University Profiles the Leslie Knopes of ELGL

The current issue of The Scene (Willamette University’s alumni magazine) profiles ELGL’s success in (Re)Filling the Big Tent.  (Re)Filling the Big Tent: As baby boomers retire, small local governments face a severe leadership shortage. See how a group of young WU grads are stepping into public service like never before. Supplemental Reading Knope of the Week Archives Knope of … Continued

Conference Sneak Peek III: In the Trenches: Learning from Practical Experiences in Oregon Economic Development

In the Trenches: Learning from Practical Experiences in Oregon Economic Development Learn from real-world, real-time practical stories and experiences about economic development in Oregon.  We’ll stay away from buzzwords and catch phrases, and instead focus on the tangible (and intangible) skills that are required to significantly impact economic development and changes in Oregon communities.  This … Continued

ELGL in the Lake Oswego Review

Many thanks to the Lake Oswego Review for including an article about ELGL in this week’s edition. The article has also appeared in the Beaverton Valley Times, Portland Tribune, and Tigard/Tualatin Times. ELGL members Cate Schneider, Randy Ealy, Kirsten Wyatt, and Kent Wyatt are quoted in the article. If you somehow have not read the … Continued

ELGL Featured in The Times

Many thanks to Geoff Pursinger for highlighting ELGL’s efforts. Leaders unite to boost image of public sector work Local government officials see group as valuable tool for building partnerships BY GEOFF PURSINGER The Times, Mar 8, 2012 Kent Wyatt admits it’s been awhile since people have seen working for the government as cool and exciting. But … Continued

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