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California’s Glass Ceiling, Watch the Webinar

CA Managers On February 19th we heard from GrassrootsLab, a public affairs firm from California, which recently released a report on city management. One of the most enlightening findings was that female city managers tend to serve shorter tenures than their male counterparts, a hidden glass ceiling. As a part of ELGL’s ongoing #13Percent campaign to bring … Continued

Watch the Town Gown Webinar with Dr. Gavazzi

#TownGown This week ELGL members had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Stephen Gavazzi. A marriage and family counselor by trade, he’s turned that skill set on studying the relationships between universities and the towns they are located in. The webinar covered his research into the topic, questions from attendees, and a tool that measures town-gown … Continued

A New Era for ELGL: Webinar Library

ELGL is excited to announce that we have started recording our webinars and they will be available to our members for free! In order to continue providing a high quality service to our members we wanted to make it easier to use our events as a resource. By recording our webinars and making them available … Continued

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