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Podcast: Bringing Great People into Government in the Age of COVID-19 with Eliza Edwards & Joy Ruff

  Eliza Edwards Policy Analyst North Carolina Office of Strategic Partnerships LinkedIn Joy Ruff Executive Director Local Government Academy LinkedIn Improving internships. Eliza Edwards, a Policy Analyst for the State of North Carolina Office of Strategic Partnerships, and Joy Ruff, the Executive Director of the Local Government Academy, joined the podcast to talk about strategies … Continued

Is Local Government Immune from the “Great Resignation”?

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Ariana Adame, Director of Capital Projects Department for the City of West Sacramento, California. Connect with Ariana on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m reading: More Than Ready, by Cecilia Munoz What I’m Watching: Iron Fist What I’m listening to: Jay Z Essentials The “Great Resignation” is a … Continued

Podcast: The Public Sector Pivot with Kaitlyn Rentala

Kaitlyn Rentala Author & Student University of Pennsylvania LinkedIn | Twitter A renaissance in public service. Kaitlyn Rentala, an author and student at the University of Pennsylvania, joined the podcast to talk about her new book, The Public Sector Pivot: How Gen Z Will Lead a Renaissance in Public Service. She shared strategies for how … Continued

Podcast: Designing Effective Interview Questions and Hiring Processes with Benjamin Mead-Harvey

Benjamin Mead-Harvey Adjunct Instructor University of Illinois, School of Information Sciences Bio | LinkedIn Get a little better every week. Benjamin Mead-Harvey, Adjunct Instructor for the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences, joined the podcast to discuss interview processes and reducing bias in hiring. He discussed types of interview questions including behavioral and situational … Continued

Podcast: Recruiting in the City of Bend, OR with Eric King & Stephanie Betteridge

Eric King City Manager City of Bend, Oregon Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Stephanie Betteridge Chief Innovation Officer City of Bend, Oregon LinkedIn Attracting aspiring local government leaders. Eric King, City Manager, and Stephanie Betteridge, Chief Innovation Officer, joined the podcast to talk about a new recruitment. The City is hiring for a Strategic Initiatives … Continued

Podcast: Hiring a City Manager with Mayor Rick Rogers, Newberg, OR

Rick Rogers Mayor City of Newberg, Oregon Bio | LinkedIn Behind the scenes of recruiting a City Manager. Mayor Rick Rogers from the City of Newberg, Oregon joined the podcast to talk about how they are approaching hiring a new City Manager. He describes the community and what the City Council is looking for in … Continued

I Have to Ask: What is a Management Analyst?

In this series, ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt poses the question and a guest columnist answers it. This week, Sarah Henricks, City of South San Francisco, CA, Management Analyst II, tries to explain the role of management analyst.  “I’m a management analyst for a local government.” This response to “what do you do for work?” is … Continued

Podcast: Managing as a Team in Iowa City with Geoff Fruin & Ashley Monroe

Geoff Fruin City Manager Iowa City, IA LinkedIn | Twitter Ashley Monroe Assistant City Manager Iowa City, IA LinkedIn | Twitter Can’t be neutral on a moving train. Two members of the leadership team in Iowa City, IA joined the podcast to talk management, recruitment and their path to public service. Geoff Fruin, City Manager, … Continued

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