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Podcast: Shoreline Management & Beach Renourishment in North Carolina

Dr. Robert Young Director Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines Bio | LinkedIn Greg “Rudi” Rudolph Shoreline Protection Manager Carteret County, NC Bio Managing beaches in an era of climate change. Two guests joined the podcast to discuss shoreline management at the local level. First, Dr. Robert Young from the Program for the Study … Continued

Twittersation: #GreatDebate – Assistant City Manager vs. City Manager with Julie Underwood and Bo Ferguson

Tweet. Tweet. Julie Underwood and Bo Ferguson will expound on Julie’s article, “The Great Debate: City Manager vs. Assistant City Manager” during a Twittersation on Tuesday, September 30 at noon Pacific time. Julie is the former Shoreline (WA) city manager and current Daly City (CA) assistant city manager. Bo, formerly Hendersonville’s (NC) City Manager, is now the … Continued

Part II: Future of Local Government – 6 Critical Skills to Strengthen

Reigning Knope of the Week Julie Underwood is back with part two of the two-part article on “Forecasting the Future of Local Government.”  Julie is currently in transition due to spouse’s job relocation to Silicon Valley, CA. Julie was appointed Shoreline City Manager February 2011 and served until October 2013. Forecasting the Future of Local Government: 6 … Continued

Forecasting the Future of Local Government: 4 Observations Impacting Our Future

From the inspirational words of Robert Kennedy in the 1960s to the interesting words of Robin Thicke in 2013, Julie Underwood, former Shoreline (WA) city manager, includes it all in part one of this two-part series on “Forecasting the Future of Local Government.” Forecasting the Future of Local Government:4 Observations Impacting Our Future This is … Continued

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