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Podcast: Common Community Engagement Mistakes with Kevin Lyons, FlashVote

Kevin Lyons CEO & Co-Founder FlashVote LinkedIn Pizza, beer, & public input. Kevin Lyons, CEO & Co-Founder of FlashVote, joins the podcast to discuss community engagement. He highlights common mistakes made with various types of communication channels as well as mistakes organizations make in town halls, social media, online forums, and surveys. Kevin also shares … Continued

Communications Roadshow = Big Value

I’m Jessica VanderKolk, the Communications Manager for the City of Battle Creek, Michigan. Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m reading: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown What I’m listening to: Christmas music. Don’t @ me. What I’m (re)watching: The West Wing Battle Creek’s internal numbers look like this – 550+ teammates, in 15 … Continued

Win! Win! Win #ELGL16 Tickets from Mo’Mix Solutions

Mo’Mix Solutions was a gracious sponsor of #ELGL15, and to show their support for #ELGL16 (a year in advance!), they’re giving away free attendance to #ELGL16 to one lucky survey respondent who completed the below sponsored survey.  Share your ideas, and mark your calendar for October 21, 2016 in Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, … Continued

New ELGL Series: Work Life Balance

ELGL is excited to launch a new blog series, survey and webinar on work life balance.  Led by Ben McCready and Frieda Edgette, this series aims to address that age-old challenging of balancing professional work with a personal life.  To begin this series, please take a short survey to share your ideas on this topic.

Survey: Lowdown on the Local Government Workplace

Survey Link: The Local Government Workplace Hello, Local Government Enthusiasts! I want to introduce a cooperative project we are undertaking and ask for a small piece of your time to help us. The Alliance for Innovation, with ELGL, ICMA, Arizona State University (ASU) and the Mejorando Group are developing an article on the Local Government … Continued

Survey Says… State of Local Government Workforce

Two weeks ago we asked you about the State of the Local Government Workforce and this week we’re back with the results of what you said. Download the complete answers to each open-ended question below. We’ll be following up on the survey with a blog post highlighting the most common answers to each question. Download the … Continued

Survey Says!: Preparing for the SGR Conference

This is the third in a multi-part series about preparing to present at a professional conference. This series will look at the steps that go into session planning, and include drafts of our presentation in advance of our January 30, 2014 presentation at the SGR organizational development conference in Dallas, Texas. We continue to work … Continued

Economic Development Survey!

OEDA Needs Your Help! ELGL members are being asked to participate in a survey for one of our partner organizations, the Oregon Economic Development Association (OEDA).  Specifically, if you work in Economic Development or a related field you should take the time to answer this survey.  Also, if you’re interested in Economic Development and would … Continued

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