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Podcast: Planting Trees to Cool Down Milan with Adam Freed, Bloomberg Associates

Adam Freed Principal Bloomberg Associates LinkedIn | Twitter | Bio Urban design and sustainability. Adam Freed, Principal with Bloomberg Associates, joined the podcast to talk about how the City of Milan, Italy is working to plant 3,000,000 trees by 2030. He shared how the City is accelerating planting, changing process, and partnering to fund the … Continued

Podcast: Creating Community Schoolyards with Danielle Denk, Trust for Public Land

Danielle Denk Community Schoolyard Initiative Director The Trust for Public Land LinkedIn | Twitter Addressing park equity. Danielle Denk, Community Schoolyard Initiative Director for the Trust for Public Land, joined the podcast to discuss the initiative to turn schoolyards into community parks that are more welcoming, sustainable, and accessible. She talked about the problem with … Continued

Podcast: Resilience & Sustainability with Sarah Hazel, Charlotte, NC

Sarah Hazel Chief Sustainability & Resiliency Officer City of Charlotte, NC LinkedIn | Twitter Resilient Queen City. Sarah Hazel, the Chief Sustainability & Resiliency Officer for the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, joined the podcast to talk about how the City is working to be more environmentally sustainable. She discussed the City’s Strategic Energy Action … Continued

Podcast: Community Resilience & Climate Response with Jennifer Jurado, Broward County, FL

Jennifer Jurado  Chief Resilience Officer Broward County, Florida Bio | LinkedIn Sharing resources and expertise. Jennifer Jurado, Chief Resilience Officer for Broward County, Florida, joined the podcast to talk about resiliency and climate response. She talked about resiliency and climate response plans as well as the County’s resilience and environmental dashboards. She also discussed the … Continued

Podcast: Regional Climate Action Plans with Lindsey Constance and Mike Kelly

 Lindsey Constance Councilmember City of Shawnee, KS LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook Mike Kelly Mayor City of Roeland Park, KS LinkedIn | Twitter Climate action from the heart of America. Lindsey Constance, Councilmember in Shawnee, KS, and Mike Kelley, Mayor of Roeland Park, KS, joined the podcast to talk about Climate Action KC. They shared the origin story and how … Continued

Podcast: Sustainability & Energy Management with John Morrill, Fairfax County, VA

John Morrill Division Manager for Innovation & Sustainability Fairfax County, Virginia Bio | LinkedIn Audacious goals and clean energy. John Morrill, Division Manager for Innovation & Sustainability at Fairfax County, Virginia, joined the podcast to talk about sustainability and energy efficiency. He discussed the strategies needed to implement local government sustainability plans and the goals … Continued

Podcast: Student-Led Sustainability Action Planning with Victoria Castor & Steve Russell

Victoria Caster Water Conservation & Sustainability Coordinator City of Peoria, Arizona LinkedIn Steve Russell Program Manager – Project Cities Arizona State University LinkedIn Students helping cities. Victoria Caster, Water Conservation and Sustainability Coordinator at the City of Peoria, AZ, and Steve Russell, Program Manager of Project Cities at Arizona State University, joined the podcast to … Continued

Podcast: Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure with Kevin Miller, ChargePoint

Kevin Miller Director of Public Policy ChargePoint, Inc. LinkedIn | Twitter The electric revolution. Kevin Miller, the Director of Public Policy for ChargePoint, joined the podcast to talk about electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them. He shared how electric vehicles and charging stations can be integrated into the built environment. Kevin also discussed … Continued

Podcast: Building Strong Towns with Chuck Marohn

Chuck Marohn Founder and President Strong Towns LinkedIn | Twitter | Bio A bottom-up revolution. Chuck Marohn, the Founder and President of Strong Towns, joined the podcast to discuss about his new book and the work he is doing to shape the conversation about development in cities. He shared what led him to leave the … Continued

Podcast: Game of Drones in Manatee County, FL with Diana Robinson

Diana Robinson Energy Manager Manatee County, FL LinkedIn | Twitter Using new technology for sustainability. Diana Robinson, Energy Manager for Manatee County, FL, discussed how they are using drones to support their work on sustainable buildings, communications and more. Diana shared what it was like setting up a drone program and using different types of … Continued

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