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Knope of the Week: Leah Treat, Portland Bureau of Transportation Director

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Nqzx4Z1FA   And the winner is…. Leah Treat Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation ELGL joined forces with Oregon ITE to co-host a lunch this week with Leah and it was fantastic! Leah talked about her background, working  with Commissioner Steve Novick, and the move from Chicago to the West Coast. To thank her … Continued

Government Communication & TriMet’s Winter Weather Response

Ben Kittelson talks with the Public Information Officer of TriMet, Roberta Altstadt, and shares his views on government communication. There is a sense of distrust and anti-government fervor in the American psyche and the negative views and anti-government movements at the national level have trickled down to local governments. Everything from recall efforts to uncomfortable and … Continued

Groups You Should Know: Oregon ITE and WTS Portland

Oregon ITE and WTS Portland We want to share information on two organizations: the Oregon Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Portland.  These groups are doing great work advancing transportation causes and providing learning opportunities for people who are interested in transportation.  If you are interested in transportation and want to keep … Continued

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