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Community Outreach Coordinator – Tualatin Hills Park & Rec District

Our latest Organizational Member, Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District, has an exciting community engagement position that they want ELGL members to know about. Check out the position details and apply today! The District Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District is the largest special park district in Oregon, spanning about 50 square miles and serving 230,000 … Continued

10.17.13 Your Morning Buzz

The first-ever hashtag, @-reply and retweet, as Twitter users invented them ELGL Notes Upcoming Events: Jessica Williams, Bruce Katz, Bridget Doyle, John Nalbandian Membership: Join ELGL Operation Government Shutdown Comparing the 1996 and 2013 shutdowns – Five key differences between the Clinton- and Obama-era shutdowns. Federal Employees to Head Back to Work – Government workers were told to report to work … Continued

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