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Are We Better Off Privatizing Water?

Wall Street Journal More and more communities have shifted control of public water utilities to private companies in recent decades. A combination of forces is at work: shrinking public revenue, looming costs for long-overdue capital improvements, and a widening perception that private operators run systems more efficiently. Most Americans still get their household water from … Continued

Are You the Workplace Whiner?

By SUE SHELLENBARGER, Wall Street Journal It’s one of the diciest challenges of office politics, one that invades the cubicle farm and executive suite alike: How to deal with workplace whiners. While it’s often best to walk away, that can be difficult in today’s team-based workplace, where many people work closely in groups. Trying to … Continued

Portland Was Another Dirty Mid-sized City?

Streetcar Plans Plow Ahead Cities Use Federal Funding to Back New Routes but Some Call Projects a Waste By CAROLINE PORTER, Wall Street Journal Cities from Los Angeles to Atlanta are making big bets to revitalize their downtowns by bringing back a form of transportation many abandoned decades ago: the streetcar. Some cities are counting on … Continued

Which One Are You?

Meet the Meeting Killers In the Office, They Strangle Ideas, Poison Progress; How to Fight Back By SUE SHELLENBARGER, Wall Street Journal When it comes time for a meeting, co-workers can be deadly. Discussions get hijacked. Bad ideas fall like blunt objects. Long-winded colleagues consume all available oxygen, killing good ideas by asphyxiation. When it … Continued

Glendale’s Public Hockey Project

The Cash-Strapped Arizona City Loses $12.9 Million a Year Supporting the NHL’s Coyotes By BRAD PARKS, Wall Street Journal On Monday, the Phoenix Coyotes advanced to the NHL’s Western Conference finals for the first time since moving to the desert in 1996. But here in Glendale, the Phoenix suburb where the Coyotes play, not everyone is … Continued

Hot Topic: Satellite Dishes

As Dishes Stack Up, Cities Start Trying to Put Them Away Satellite Dishes Belong to Owners for Life, Get Left Hanging; A Planter or Sled? By JENNIFER LEVITZ, Wall Street Journal When Afroditi Kleftis wanted an array of channels so patrons at her Laundromat could watch soap operas, she had a satellite dish mounted above her … Continued

Urban Center Is Budget Hole

Kansas City, Mo., Must Set Aside Millions as Complex Falls Short of Projections By ELIOT BROWN, Wall Street Journal   The tab is mounting for Kansas City, Mo., on a bet it made during the real-estate boom on an $850 million entertainment district meant to breathe new life into its struggling downtown. The lingering shortfalls come … Continued

WSJ: What do chief executives do all day?

Where’s the Boss? Trapped in a Meeting  By RACHEL EMMA SILVERMAN What do chief executives do all day? It really is what it seems: They spend about a third of their work time in meetings. That is one of the central findings of a team of scholars from London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, … Continued

01.16.12 The Afternoon Delight

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98k-pjN6nl0&w=420&h=315] Rewind MLK Jr. Message from Sarah Mensah, Blazers COO 01.15.12 The Sunday Sermon 01.16.12 The Morning Buzz ELGL Recommends. . . . Social Media Stay connected by following these Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and Google+ pages. Twitter: City of Seattle, CNU NextGen, City of Bellingham Facebook: California State Association of Counties, City of Burien, WA, Port of Portland Participate United We Serve Serve.gov is … Continued

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