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Life as a City Manager’s Child with Will Norris, Long Beach (CA)

This is the latest post in our series about growing up with a parent who is also a City Manager. For each installment we interview a current local government professional who followed their mother or father’s footsteps into public service. You can check out past installments here: Growing Up in City Hall. Today, we hear from Will … Continued

#ELGL13: Lightning Round: Five Minutes – You – A Microphone – A Projector

The famous “Lightning Round” makes its inaugural appearance at the inaugural 1st annual ELGL conference. What does that mean? You’ll hear from four attendees who have been given these instructions, “Five Minutes – You – A Microphone – A Projector.” What will they talk about? Who knows, maybe they’ll discuss “what happened to Beta Max?” … Continued

The Transition with Will Norris, City of Long Beach

This rainy November day is a perfect time to catch up with ELGL member Will Norris who graduated from Willamette MBA school and then moved to Long Beach City, California to begin work as a management assistant for the City. Will was an early member of ELGL and important in spreading our mission to other … Continued

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