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Germany beat Argentina to win the World Cup! Your Monday Morning Buzz includes stories on the nation’s jails, reviving West Philly, and flooding basements in Chicago.

06.17.2014 Buzzin’

In case you didn’t hear, America won its first soccer game of the World Cup over Ghana. Check out great reactions and videos mixed in with your local government news.

06.16.14 Your Morning Buzz

Where Dishonesty Is Best Policy, U.S. Soccer Falters Trending Rest of the Story on Writing Your Position Out of the Budget 06.14.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (LeCramp Remix) Uber, Lyft, and Telsa vs. the Government New Sensation: Emily Leuning, Oregon Microenterprise Network The 2014 ELGL Resume Book Transaction Wire City Council to discuss vacancy left by … Continued

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