Tell Us Your [Performance Improvements] Story

Posted on July 12, 2016

Welcome to a periodic feature, exclusively offered for our members. “Tell Us Your Story” is your chance to get feedback from ELGL members about a specific topic or policy. Today, we’re tackling performance improvement programs!

Here’s the email from an ELGL member:

“I am constantly fine-tuning a “performance improvement starter kit”, a process that any organization can implement with just a few quick, easy actions, and rapidly experience significant improvements in the organization. The goal is to make organizational performance improvement easier to understand, easier to implement yourself without expensive consultants and/or software, and faster to produce real, significant impacts. What 3 or 4 specific questions about implementing a quick, easy, effective performance improvement program would you most like to have answered ?”

Tell us what you think, using the comments below, or send an email to [email protected] with “Performance Improvements Questions” in the subject line.  
Have your own “Tell Us Your Story” you want to pose to ELGL?  We’re happy to collect information for you with the caveat that you’ll compile and share what you’ve learned back with ELGL when your research is complete.  Contact Us with your “Tell Us Your Story” request.
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