The Mac’s List Podcast – Find Your Dream Job

Posted on October 13, 2015

Our friends at Mac’s List have launched a free weekly podcast, Find Your Dream Job, to give professionals the tools needed to find rewarding work and have a meaningful career. Every Wednesday they will post a 30-minute episode that offers lively and engaging discussion about all things career management. You’ll find insider secrets and job search tips on how to get a great position and have a purposeful career.
Here’s how you can show your support:

  1. Subscribe to Find Your Dream Job on iTunes
  2. Download the three episodes of the show currently available
  3. Leave a positive comment, rating, and review in iTunes

Make sure to say hello to Knope of the Week award winner Mac Prichard when you see him at #ELGL15.
Fun Fact: ELGL modeled Supper Club after the Portland Ten dinner series started by Prichard Communications.

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