FAQ Topic: 20-11

#20 – Brendan Babb

Brendan Babb Municipality of Anchorage i-team Director/Chief Innovation Officer LinkedIn | Twitter Collaborative, Innovative, Connector Brendan is excited to share and cheer on great projects from other cities and share amazing work from Anchorage. Brendan is interested in how cities can replicate strong projects. Private sector and academia discourage sharing trade secrets or unpublished research … Continued

#19 – Adriana Trujillo-Villa

Adriana Trujillo-Villa City of Haines City, FL Operations Manager LinkedIn Energetic, Collaborative, Inclusive Adriana is committed to bringing along other leaders and supporting diverse leadership styles. She is an engaged learner and continues to support those around her. Adriana has more than fifteen years of combined experience in public and private sectors including positions in … Continued

#18 – Imara Diaz

Imara Diaz Hampton, VA Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Interim Executive Director LinkedIn Phenomenal, Inclusive, Determined Imara is an invaluable asset to the citizenry of Hampton and serves as the LGBTQ liaison to the City Manager’s Office. In the short time that he has been the Interim ED for the department, Imara has reignited … Continued

#17 – Ashley Graff

Ashley Graff City of Gresham, OR Assistant to the City Manager LinkedIn Thoughtful, Innovative, Connector Ashley is so much more than her job title of Assistant to the City Manager. She is the person in the organization who people turn to, share info with, bounce ideas off of and collaborate with because she is a … Continued

#16 – Brittany Spanos

Brittany Spanos Municipality of Princeton, NJ Administrative Coordinator LinkedIn Visionary, Diligent, Proactive Brittany joined Princeton Municipality as a Building Department secretary and within short two years she showed her value and was hired as Confidential Assistant to Administration. In addition to going above and beyond her expected job duties, Brittany found time to continue her … Continued

#15 – Sarah Huntley

Sarah Huntley City of Boulder, CO Director of Communication and Engagement LinkedIn Curious, Courageous, Inclusive Sarah is an incredible asset to the City of Boulder. She embodies the city’s values and always prioritizes sharing information with our community. Her work has been critical to keeping the community informed about anything from public safety to engagement … Continued

#14 – Nadia Hasan

Nadia Hasan City of Beaverton, OR City Councilor LInkedIn | Twitter Courageous, Equitable, Compassionate Nadia is the first Muslim and first woman of color on Beaverton’s City Council. She passionately pursues equity, and does not slow down. She believes in the work, and she gives it her all. She’s tired. Yet nevertheless she has persisted. … Continued

#13 – Cassidy Mutnansky

Cassidy Mutnansky City of St. Petersburg -Healthy St.Pete Health in All Policies Planner LinkedIn Innovative, Creative, Collaborative Cassidy is the first Health Planner in the City of St. Petersburg and has taken on this novel role by collaborating with departments across the city to help implement a health lens when planning new policies, procedures and … Continued

#12 – Molly Fox

Molly Fox City of Bedford, Texas Director of Communications LinkedIn Connecting, Informative, Personable Molly Fox has accomplished amazing things for the City of Bedford in the short period that she has been with us. Our City was always challenged in communicating with the residents. Truthfully, we were awful at it. Resident has become to expect … Continued

#11 – Michael Halford

Michael Halford Guilford County, NC County Manager LinkedIn | Twitter Resilient, Thoughtful, Collaborative Michael Halford is, and has been for many years, a dedicated and compassionate change leader for North Carolina local government. Michael does not shy away from difficult or complex conversations but instead embraces them because he understands that it is a necessary … Continued

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