FAQ Topic: 40-31

#31 – Oswaldo Mestre

Oswaldo Mestre, Jr. City of Buffalo, NY Director of the Division of Citizen Services LinkedIn Inspirational, Change Maker, Innovative Oswaldo Mestre Jr. is the Chief Service Officer and Director of the Citizen Services for the City of Buffalo and serves as the City’s ombudsman. Appointed by Mayor Byron W. Brown in January 2006, Director Mestre … Continued

#32 – Kara Roberson

Kara Roberson City of Wentzville, MO Communications and Strategic Engagement Manager LinkedIn Optimist, Adaptable, Humble Kara Roberson is a multi-faceted, award-winning marketing and communications professional. Kara is an extremely loyal leader – both in innovative thought and actions. She has more than 20 years of professional marketing and communications experience, including 13 years in municipal … Continued

#33 – Monique Carter

Monique Carter City of Fontana Communications & Marketing Manager LinkedIn Inspirational, Passionate, Motivational Monique hit the ground running when she started with the City of Fontana in the Marketing and Communications Office in 2020. She is an extraordinary leader who brings much patience and passion to our small but mighty office of two as we … Continued

#34 – Sophie McGinley

Sophie McGinley City of Eugene Assistant Planner LinkedIn | Twitter Passionate, Inclusive, Humble Sophie is an incredible person who truly embodies the spirit of local government and public service. She has gone above and beyond in her work with the City of Eugene and helped create the most innovative, inclusive public engagement process I’ve ever … Continued

#35 – Matthew White

Matthew White Contra Costa health Services Innovation Lead + BI Manager LinkedIn Innovative, Considerate, Driven Matt White deserves a place on the 2021 Traeger list because he continually ideates and implements new means of technology to better equip both the Contra Costa County health services staff and the patients they serve. Matt creates collaborations between … Continued

#36 – Erin Riley

Erin Riley City of Scottsdale, AZ Adult Services Coordinator – Scottsdale Public Library LinkedIn Innovative, Collaborative, Thoughtful Erin is a leader in innovation in Scottsdale, so much so that she will be leading the city’s new I-Team, which will tackle long standing challenges with innovative solutions developed through an engaging process of human centered design. … Continued

#38 – Chaquinta Fisher

Chaquinta Fisher McLennan County, TX Desktop Support Manager/Web Accessibility Coordinator  LinkedIn Focused, Helpful, Professional Chaquinta is focused on the citizens in our county. Her work is focused on helping all of us in the county serve the citizens better. She approaches her work with a customer service lens, and is always mindful that not everyone … Continued

#37 – Alivia Haibach

Alivia Haibach Erie County Department of Health Health Equity Coordinator LinkedIn Motivated, Quick-thinking, Passionate Alivia is working to transform our approach to health at our local Public Health Department. She works to apply an equity lens to all aspects of our work. She advocates for training for staff and community members, has established a community … Continued

#39 – Nathan Mustafa

Nathan Mustafa City of Riverside Deputy Public Works Director LinkedIn Forward-thinking, Innovative, Gutsy Nathan was recently promoted into the Deputy Director role for Public Works at the City of Riverside. Let me tell you why. He cares about the community and their input. He has actively worked with them on big and small projects He … Continued

#40 – Terri Harding

Terri Harding City of Eugene Principal Planner LinkedIn Ambitious, optimistic, caring Although she’s the captain of the long range planning team, Terri largely keeps herself out of the spotlight. she instead showcases her team and their accomplishments. She believes in people and is willing to take a chance so that they feel valued and capable. … Continued

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