FAQ Topic: 70-61

#70 – Tiffany Stewart

Tiffany Stewart City of Newark, NJ Human Resources Director LinkedIn | Twitter Visionary, Strong, Professional Tiffany exhibits quality community leadership and admirable tenacity. She has garnered the respect of co-workers and peers, often being asked for her trusted guidance and support from managers and supervisors at weekly meetings. She is instrumental in instituting new procedures, … Continued

#68 – Ashley O’Brien

Ashley O’Brien City of Saint Paul, MN User Experience Designer LinkedIn | Twitter Innovative, Empathetic, Creative Ashley works tirelessly as a team of one to help others. She spends her time managing ambiguity, helping decision makers in the organization conceptualize, test, and iterate their visions. She is currently working with her colleagues to consider user … Continued

#67 – Greg LeBlanc

Greg LeBlanc City of Grand Junction, CO Sr. Asst. to the City Manager LinkedIn Innovative, Humorous, Visionary Simply put, Greg *gets* local government. He works hard to help his community and fellow government leaders understand complex issues. Greg has a way of using existing technology in innovative ways and leverages resources to deliver the best … Continued

#66 – Emily Kaster

Emily Kaster Cumberland County (ME) Emergency Management Agency Deputy Director LinkedIn | Twitter Innovative, Brilliant, Energized Emily is a go-getter who is always looking to improve the industry of emergency management. She’s had ample opportunities in the last year+ with the pandemic and she harnessed the circumstances at every turn. She applied this drive for … Continued

#65 – Greg Kajszo

Greg Kajszo City of Glendale, CA Innovation Project Manager LinkedIn | Twitter Resourceful, Empathetic, Intelligent Greg is a multi-disciplinary project manager. He has excelled in a variety of assignments including building data dashboards, developing a staff report writing guide, designing user-friendly website to name a few. He is well respected and can work with anyone. … Continued

#64 – Danielle Gonzalez

Danielle Gonzalez Marion County Community Services Department, OR Economic Development LinkedIn Committed, Energized, Trusted Danielle Gonzalez deserves a place on the 2021 Traeger list, because of all that she has done for the Santiam Canyon. Her dedication, along with her endless energy and devotion to the communities of Mill City, Gates, Detroit, and Idanha. I … Continued

#63 – Erika Eddy

Erika Eddy City of Albuquerque Dept. of Technology & Innovation, NM Digital Content Coordinator LinkedIn Eagle-eyed, Fierce, Unstoppable Erika has been invaluable to the City of Albuquerque since starting in 2018. She has an uncanny ability to see through bureaucratic and logistical challenges that mire most municipal governments in order to come to a simple, … Continued

#62 – Paula DeBoles-Johnson

Paula DeBoles-Johnson Leon County Government Employee Engagement & Performance Director LinkedIn Collaborative, Catalyst, Inspirational-Influencer Paula DeBoles-Johnson serves in dual roles. She works for Leon County Government and Capital City Youth Development, a nonprofit she established almost 20 years ago. She lives by the motto, “Nothing that ever do for children is wasted.” She strives daily … Continued

#61 – Karen Connelley

Karen Connelley Maricopa County, AZ Deputy Chief Information Officer LinkedIn Visionary, Results-oriented, Focused Karen is amazing! She is a highly motivated IT visionary with broad expertise and perspective. She manages teams effectively and is always willing to help out anyone in the County with their needs. She is able to keep a big picture perspective … Continued

#69 – Gema Ramirez

Gema Ramirez City of Riverside, CA Project Manager LinkedIn Innovative, Community-focused, Dedicated Gema has stepped up and out for our community, our organization and our residents since the pandemic started Gema is currently working in two almost three special assignments at this time not including her regular job duties, which some have been modified. She … Continued

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