FAQ Topic: 80-71

#80 – Kelley McBride-Hartman

Kelley McBride-Hartman City of Arvada, CO Innovation and Performance Manager LinkedIn Determined, Knowledgeable, Innovative Kelley Hartman is the Innovation and Performance Manager at the City of Arvada and has been at the city for over seven years. During this time Kelley has pushed performance management to the forefront of the City, always asking what can … Continued

#79 – Susan Sodek

Susan Sodek Tarrant County, TX Community Resource Coordinator LinkedIn | Twitter Creative, Inclusive, Fun Susan Sodek coordinates a TON of cool stuff for Tarrant County employees – so much the rest of y’all should be jealous! She has arranged everything from fundraising auctions, pen pal letters, employee recognition, discount tickets, shopping coupons, community events – … Continued

#78 – Peggy Harstvedt

Peggy Harstvedt City of Little Rock, AR Software Engineer Award Hardworking, Problem Solver, Team Player Peggy is a Software Engineer in our IT Department at the City. She is in charge of our SharePoint pages, but she also serves on our Data Governance Committee and has helped to create automation scripts and processes to load … Continued

#77 – Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones City of Portsmouth, VA Chief Information Officer LinkedIn Experienced, Leader, innovative Daniel is a strong IT professional and manages the city’s IT systems. His background in the private sector has benefited the public sector. He is skilled in strategic planning and capital planning – both helpful skills when running the city’s technology architecture. … Continued

#76 – Greg Bestgen

Greg Bestgen City of Scottsdale Human Services Director LinkedIn Compassionate, Persevering, Enthusiastic Greg has reformed how Scottsdale, Arizona interacts with our homeless population. Prior to his tenure, Scottsdale did not have a focused or robust program for our unhoused. Generally, they were given a card with numbers of social services agencies to call or perhaps … Continued

#75 – Laurie Loftin

Laurie Loftin Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Water Conservation Coordinator LinkedIn Creative, Champion, Committed Out of the almost 2,000 Athens-Clarke County Unified Government employees, Laurie Loftin is the first person to come to mind when thinking of influencers in our government and community. Her creativity is unlike any other, she is champion for local government services … Continued

#74 – Steve Timmer

Steve Timmer Hamilton Parks Conservancy Executive Director LinkedIn Imaginative, Unstoppable, Doer Steve Timmer is the definition of public service. After 30 plus years as a Firefighter/Paramedic, Fire Lieutenant, and Fire Captain, Steve took on the role as Executive Director of the Hamilton Parks Conservancy since its inception. Upon taking control of all Park areas in … Continued

#73 – Sharon Edmundson

Sharon Edmundson North Carolina Local Government Commission Deputy Treasurer, State and Local Government Finance Division LinkedIn Knowledgeable, Clear, Patient In a state that’s well known for professional local government, the North Carolina Local Government Commission is as responsible as any other agency for helping make the state that way. The LGC is a well-known state … Continued

#71 – Allison Bell

Allison Bell Bellwether Consulting President LinkedIn | Twitter Connection, Courage, Creativity Allison has done this work from different angles: as a government employee, university researcher, nonprofit leader, and now, consultant. Allison has been interviewing local gov leaders to understand how they bring connection, courage and creativity to local government and community work. Herocrats are government … Continued

#72 – Gail Sumi

Gail Sumi League of Wisconsin Municipalities Member Engagement and Communications Director LinkedIn | Twitter Tireless, Supportive, Passionate As Member Engagement and Communications Director for the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Gail tirelessly advocates for Wisconsin’s municipalities and juggles many tasks to ensure municipal employees are educated, informed, and connected to one another and to the legislative … Continued

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