FAQ Topic: Cohorts General

Will I get a lot of homework and assignments?

Our goal when setting up these cohorts is to always make sure that the work loads are feasible for those who are working full time. Often homework consists of discussion board posts and self-guided reading or activities. If you are in a Level Up or Deep Dive cohort you may assignments to work on related … Continued

What’s the time commitment for a cohort?

In general, you should anticipate spending 1-3 hours per week on your cohort. Curriculum typically includes weekly readings and discussion board posts, and may also have additional content to watch, listen to, or complete.Level-Up and Deep Dive cohorts will typically have biweekly live sessions for participants to attend.

What’s the difference between a Cohort Sprint, Level Up, and Deep Dive?

Cohort Sprints are short, six-week programs designed to give participants a chance to explore a new topic or skill, meet others interested in similar issues, and learn from and collaborate with one another. Level Up (3 month) and Deep Dive (6 month) cohorts are project-based and feature biweekly collaboration and training sessions.

How often do you have new cohorts?

ELGL runs cohorts on a quarterly basis, so there’s always something new on the horizon! Here are 2021’s key dates. Please note that the exact dates of each cohort will vary—please check the individual cohort descriptions. Additionally, there may be instances where we need to cap registration or, alternately, keep applications open past the stated … Continued

Why join an ELGL learning cohort?

Cohort learning models provide benefits such as: Social and collaborative opportunities through virtual and in-person meetings with other professionals that have a love for local government! Long-term connection of cohorts through dedicated channels Cross-training and cross-sharing opportunities among cohorts Mentor identification and training for future cohorts Networking among regional and national cities and departments Creation … Continued

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