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Chris Traeger

Top Influencers in Local Government

2021 Top Influencers in Local Government

Each year, ELGL recognizes the top 100 influencers in local government.

The award, previously named the Traeger Award, is named after Chris Traeger, the city manager for the fictional City of Pawnee, Indiana on the show "Park and Recreation." He was known for extreme energy and commitment to improving local government.

The Top Influencer List is not based on longevity or title. It’s based on an individual’s influence in their community and outside their community through professional associations, mentoring, and writing.

Any current ELGL member is eligible to make a nomination. If you're not yet a member, you can join here.

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Why do I have to submit my name and contact information?

Nominations must be made by a real person so we ask you to share your contact information with us (this information will not be shared publicly).

I respect my coworker so much. Can I nominate her 50 times?

Nominators may nominate multiple people, but not make multiple nominations for the same person (e.g. Chris can nominate Leslie, and Chris can nominate Ron, but Chris cannot nominate Leslie twice).

My network isn't very big (yet) but I'd like to be considered for the list. Can I nominate myself?


So much information... do I have to look up the person I'm nominating's LinkedIn and Twitter?

Please complete the nomination as fully as possible so if your nomination is selected, the shared information on the list fully describes why the person was included on the list and how ELGL members can connect with them on social media.

Who's sponsoring this year's award? Why does ELGL have a sponsor?

This year, we're working with our friends at ZenCity on the Traeger award program. We're using the hashtag #ELGLTraeger to share nominations and awards - please use the hashtag help us celebrate this year's list. ELGL works with sponsors and partners to sustain the organization and also to support great programs like #ELGLTraeger that require a substantial amount of work and focus to properly recognize the amazing nominees.

Is there anyone who isn't eligible for the #ELGLTraeger list?

ELGL staff and board members aren't included on the list. We also want to use the list as a way to recognize talent and introduce you to new people, so the Top Ten Traegers from 2018 won't be included in the Top Ten for 2019.

Will the Top Ten Traegers be invited to speak at #ELGL20?

Yes! #ELGL19 event feedback affirmed the Traeger speakers were a great addition to the annual conference agenda. The 2019 Top Ten will be invited to deliver the conference finale keynote in a pecha kucha style format.

About ELGL & Zencity

ELGL's vision is to amplify the good in local government. Our mission is to engage the brightest minds in local government. Learn more about ELGL here, and review the ELGL Strategic Plan here.

zencity logoThe 2020 Traeger Award is supported by Zencity. Powered by AI, Zencity aggregates digital citizen discourse and transforms that data into actionable insights for cities and counties.

With the real-time citizen feedback from Zencity, local government leaders are able to better meet their community’s needs, communicate effectively with their citizens, and build better, data-informed policies.

ELGL works with Zencity on a variety of projects, including tracking, promoting, and reporting on the Traeger List of top local government influencers.

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