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Posted on April 21, 2023

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Today, 60% of Americans tune into their favorite podcasts while cooking, commuting, and cleaning every week. There are literally millions of shows on Apple Podcasts, the most popular directory. It’s a competitive space, but not in the public sector niche.

Fred Dews of the Brookings Institution wanted to see where local government and non-partisan podcasting fit into the mix of all the true crime, daily news, and Joe Rogan. He discovered that there are relatively few local government podcasts, despite the size of the public sector space.  

Some more well-known titles include ELGL’s GovLove, which highlights all the amazing work done in local government. The International City and County Management Association’s (ICMA) Local Gov Life similarly highlights local government challenges and tells stories that can inspire and educate. There are a handful of others, but not many. 

This could be because local governments may think podcasting is too difficult, expensive, or time-consuming to produce. Or maybe they assume people wouldn’t be interested. Neither is the case.

Recognizing the need for more local government options, my colleague and co-host and I launched The Civil Review Podcast by Polco. The show dives into pressing local government topics and data that can help decision-makers understand their communities better. 

With timely topics like polarization, AI, and staffing concerns at the forefront of local government, the discussions are never boring. With a few decent microphones and basic recording and editing equipment, we launched the podcast. 

Local governments could do the same. The medium is an excellent way to cut through the clutter and reach residents with quality information. It also provides an avenue to share ideas and learn from other local governments. Podcasting can establish thought-leadership among your organization and help you connect to community partners. It’s never too late to get started. It’s a cost-effective and meaningful way to reach your community with the message you wish to share.

Listen to The Civil Review Podcast! 


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