ELGL Sets up Shop at the UNT MPA Conference

Posted on March 23, 2015

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It’s conference season, baby!  Just as the Road to the Oscars starts at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala (not kidding), so too does the road to #ELGL15 begin with the University of North Texas MPA  Student-Alumni Conference.
Thanks to some generous assistance from @StrategicGovt, three of the Southwest Chapter’s finest @SWELGL will set up shop (and by shop, I mean table) at the UNT conference to preach the good word of ELGL to all who will hear it.

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So what’s this conference about?

Every March, the UNT MPA program rings the proverbial dinner bell and all alumni, new and old, converge in Denton, Texas for a day of fellowship, networking, and recharging our passion for the public service profession.  Since the conference is a blending of students and alumni, it’s often an occasion for many future employers to meet their future employees.
This year’s conference will focus on “Developing Tomorrow” where participants will learn about exciting, unique, and community-altering developments around North Texas and about how the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is revolutionizing the field of economic development.

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Yes, you have my attention.  But you mentioned ELGL…

This is where Harrison Wicks (@harrison_wicks), Shahrzad Rizvi (@Shazooer), and Matt Yager (@matt_ygr) come in.  Their mission is two-fold:

  1. Show how ELGL is changing the way people engage on local government issues – No brainer, right? The three amigos will be on hand to introduce people to ELGL mission of communicating with and connecting local govies everywhere on important and timely issues.
  2. Find thought leaders and get them talking to and through ELGL – This conference will be ground zero for the best and brightest local government minds in the DFW region. The three amigos will have their antennas up and on alert looking for those who have what it takes to be a future ELGL contributor.

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Oh yes, and expect the usual informative, witty and irreverent conference tweets and updates.

Sounds like a party!  I’ll be there!

Awesome – come see us!

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