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Posted on October 9, 2012

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ELGL members are on the ground at ICMA 2012. The conference committee clearly spent a lot of time and effort in organizing the event. Check back often as we’ll continue to live tweet and blog from Phoenix unless we are busy loading up on pencils and notepads in the vendor room.

8:35 a.m.: Wish you were here? Get a favor of the conference by checking out the conference handouts.

8:30 a.m.: After a night of fun times with UNC MPA alums and the Oregon city managers dinner, we’re back for more sessions and a keynote from Jim Collins, Good to Great.

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8:00 p.m: Enjoying some local government chatter with two of ELGL’s favorite city managers – Eric King (Bend) and Michael Sykes (Forest Grove).

Thanks to #ICMA12 ICMAconference for amazing day. So much inspiration in#phx (even tho kbutters5 didn’t HH w/ us).

4:15 p.m: In case you are wondering, here’s the jersey of our favorite Phoenix Sun.

3:30 p.m

  • I wish I had a crown I could wear so the #icma12 presenters know I am respectfully live-tweeting, not ignoring them & playing on my iPad…
  • washoecounty “reverse RFP” concept to find out services that businesses want from gov’t is prime crowd sourcing question #icma12 granicus

2:35 p.m: SUPER excited to learn about social ideation from granicus Tom Spengler. Like learning a golf swing from Tiger. #icma12 ICMAconference

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2:30 p.m: Thanks ICMAconference ICMA for saving me a trip to the gift shop to buy a #PHX present for my kid.

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1:00 p.m: Social media session

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  • Bonnie Svrcek and Kim Payne doing a great presentation ICMAconference discvrlynchburg is a lucky community to have their talents.
  • #icma12 session on social media w/ Sean Stegall from #Elgin and consultant Spencer Stern. Good intro from ch2mhill.
  • CH2MHILL Susan Mayes explains: “it is important for local governments to tell their own story.” True, true! #icma12
  • “Social media tools can give you tangible data to help you better serve your citizens.” #icma12 spencerstern1
  • “Cast a wide net when selecting your social media team. Ensure a diversity of employees. Incl. IT, legal, all depts.” #icma12
  • “Push social media channels to lower traditional communications costs.” Thx @spencerstern1 on this great reminder of new comm value. #icma12
  • cityofhampton referenced as having a great model social media policy. #icma12 ICMAconference spencerstern1
  • A solid 1/3 of the city managers in this social media training seem to be scared of computers. Good thing #icma12 offers this training.
    • Ashleigh Weeden OregonELGL Not surprised. The people who scare me more are the folks who seem proud of computer illiteracy. Ergh.
    • ashleighweeden to the credit of this conference, everyone seems excited to learn about about social media and how to intro it to cities.
  • ElginIL CM Sean Stegall: “Social media can allow for a level playing field and an accurate depiction of how the community feels.” #icma12
  • ElginIL strategy: “provide consistent flow of info through the budget process using trad & new comm tools…” #icma12 ICMAconference
  • ElginIL does not have a full time social media coordinator but has a very active and progressive new media strategy. #icma12 #innovative
  • ElginIL case study on tweeting during a snowstorm shows the dedication of local govt officials. jenniferdelgado #icma12 ICMAconference
  • “Set aside modesty and let yourself learn from the information your city gains from social media.” Thanks CM Stegall ElginIL #icma12
  • Great reminder from Susan Mayes ch2mhill that you can quickly and easily clear up misinformation on Twitter with a simple RT.#icma12

Noon: A special welcome at Assistants Lunch from ICMA Bob O’Neill. Great to see his support for next gen CMs.

Looking for a restaurant tonight? Here’s a recommendation from Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton

MayorStanton: Go #phx soul- LoLo’s or Mrs Whites “OregonELGL: looking for restaurant recommendation.
Not to make you jealous but here is our conference swag bag. An iPhone 5 may or may not have come with it.
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You might be asking who kicked out the ICMA Conference – Charles Barkley, Kendall Marshall, Mark Grace. etc. Nope Sir Ken Robinson was the keynote at the opening session.

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    • “Imagination can help you anticipate the future. Creativity is applying imagination in a practical way.”
    • “50% of the world’s population live in cities. City managers are at the front edge of innovation.”
    • Wise words: “Creativity is not rare, we are all born creative.”
    • Room full of people excited to hear from@SirKenRobinson ICMAconference Introduction by Mayor Stanton@CityofPhoenixAZ

An ELGL member submitted this picture and tweets after attending this morning’s session on Open Source Solutions.

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    • Well said: “Govt’s can make better use of scarce tech $$ by working together to solve common problems.”
    • MayorReichert Macon, GA and Amanda Deaton are doing incredible city work with open source technology. Way to go!
    • Open source benefit: “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs can be fixed.”
    • “There are new, robust software solutions that are freely available…”
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