Walk the Walk: #13Percent Next Steps

Posted on January 20, 2015

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We’ve received a huge response to ELGL’s coverage of the ICMA report on women in local government management – and the lack of progress that has been made.  We’re working on a series of outreach and education activities so we can walk the walk (and not just talk the talk) when it comes to shining a big, bright light on this issue and finding ways to actually make progress. Check out what we have planned so far and watch this post for updates and links to the series we’re affectionately hashtagging #ELGLWomen:


Where the Boys At?

Read this blog post on the RSVP rate for the February 4 webinar, and how ELGL is offering a free organizational membership drawing for men who participate in this event.  C’mon, it’s ridiculous that most people participating in this conversation are women – let’s diversify, friends!


From My Perspective: Bonnie Svrcek

A fresh blog post from SE ELGL Board Member and former ICMA president Bonnie Svrcek with an update from the ICMA taskforce on women in the profession.  “From My Perspective” will be a periodic blog series from ELGL members on the #13Percent problem.


February 4: Women in Local Government Webinar with Heidi Voorhees and Rachel Lange-Skaggs



February 10: Women in Local Government Twittersation

  • Tuesday, February 10, 2015 from noon to 1:00 (PST)
  • Free!
  • Log on to Twitter using hashtag #13Percent.
  • Note: Join ELGL for a Twittersation (Twitter + conversation = Twittersation) about the recent ICMA report on women in the profession – and the appalling lack of progress that’s been made to get women into the top spot in local governments.  We’ll use the hashtag #13Percent, and Julie Underwood, the ACM in Daly City, California will moderate.  Can’t join us in person on Twitter?  Check back using the hashtags to follow along with the conversation.

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February 11: Balancing Life & a Public Service Career with Eric King, Marissa Madrigal, Leah Treat and Kent Wyatt

  • Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 12:00 PM, City of Portland
  • $5 for students; $7 for ELGL members; $10 for non-members; includes lunch
  • RSVP: https://balancing-act.eventbrite.com
  • Note: Amy Wang, the parent and family reporter for the Oregonian, will moderate this discussion.


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