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Posted on November 19, 2016

Dear ELGL members,

I’m posting a day early this week, because I’m headed up to Seattle today (on the train!) and will be busy tailgating and rooting for the Seahawks tomorrow. It was a busy week in ELGL world, plus we have a few fun things planned for the short week before Thanksgiving, so please check out the below update and stay in the loop.

Thank you,


What I’m Reading

Ann Patchett – Commonwealth


What I’m Listening To

Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty


What I’m Watching

My favorite show of all time is “The Americans” and I just realized that I can finally watch Season 4 on Amazon. I’m addicted.


Rebecca Woodbury

Rebecca is leading up ELGL’s California efforts now that Julie Underwood is moving to Mercer Island, so Rebecca and I met up this week to talk about her goals and ideas for ELGL. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you meet someone in person and realize that you share so many interests and passions. For Rebecca and me: bourbon cocktails, disrupting IT procurement, deep fried seafood, timely and topical ELGL webinars. Say hi to Rebecca on Twitter!

City of Hillsboro HR Director Recruitment

Last week, I told you about the first recruitment that ELGL is managing. This week, I met with the leadership team at the City of Hillsboro to discuss their upcoming HR director recruitment and how ELGL can help. The great thing about Michael and Robby is their willingness to try new things in the name of finding the very best applicants.

In the coming weeks, I’ll post information about the job and how you can apply. Please let me know if you’re interested, or if you know someone who would be a great fit in Hillsboro (which I consider to be one of the most interesting and progressive local government organizations in the country).

Ocean Quigley

Isn’t that a lovely name?! It’s attached to a lovely person. I interviewed Ocean for GovLove. He was one of the art directors for SimCity during its heyday. He’s now the creative director at Facebook, so I got to visit the Facebook campus and then had lunch with Ocean after the interview (they have a grilled cheese bar at Facebook. NBD.). The podcast will air next Friday, but a sneak preview: Ocean has no urban planning background, instead, he viewed each Sim plot using systems thinking about all of the possibilities based on how that piece of land was zoned and used. It was very interesting and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Goodbye Clackamas, Hello Sacramento

I had a goodbye lunch for one of ELGL’s favorite people, Nancy Newton. Nancy is leaving Clackamas County for Sacramento County. (Geez, in reading this week’s update, it sure sounds like I spent most of the week eating.) I’m excited for Nancy’s new adventure and she has promised that she’ll write and share about her transition and experience once she’s settle in California. Say hi to Nancy on Twitter!


Mug Swap 2016

We launched the 2016 ELGL Mug Swap this week. The idea is that you give a mug, and then get a mug. It’s a way to make a new connection with another ELGL member. Sign up here – we’ll do the swap draw on December 3 so you have plenty of time to send your mug before the end of the year.


Inspired by the great Sarah Medary, we’ll celebrating everyone who has a windowless office on Monday, November 21. Post your pictures using #WindowlessELGL and we’ll see how windowless ELGL offices are still inspiring places where people are making a difference.

GIF of the Week

To close, here’s my favorite GIF this week:

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