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Posted on January 8, 2017

Dear ELGL members,

Last week, we revamped our “Jobs” page to include all of the ways to use ELGL to find a new job. Check it out here. One of the most-asked questions of ELGL is “how do I post a job on your site.” We limit our stand-alone job postings to our organizational members. For $250, our organizational members get to post their jobs and we’ll share them using our social networks. It’s a great deal, especially considering that we also send our organizational members a code so their employees can join ELGL for free for the year, and get access to all of our members-only content and trainings.

Last week also launched Local Government Mentor Month. If you haven’t signed up to write for Mentor Month yet, please do so. We’re running a series honoring our mentors, and also a series on how to be an effective mentor.

And, last week we hosted our first Supper Club of 2017 in Silicon Valley. The success of that dinner has lit a fire under ELGL and we’re lining up Supper Clubs across the country as fast as we can. Interested in hosting one in your area? Send us an email.

Finally, we were really happy to see many of our members make GovTech’s Top Tech Companies in Local Government list. Congrats to our members on the list:

  • Accela
  • Buildingeye
  • CitySourced

Thank you,


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Colorado Women Leading Government

I had the chance to participate in the January CWLG Conference Call on How Our Language Shapes Perceptions of Women in Leadership. It was a highly engaged group of people who care deeply about their profession. Here’s some Follow Up Reading From CCCMA Women Leading Government Conference Call.

Kittelson’s Corner

Color me happy – Ben is back to blogging! We asked him to get back into the blog game, and he kicked off the new year with this Walk Like a Penguin blog.

It’s Homelessness Policy Summit Week!

Our first-ever online policy summit is this Thursday: Homelessness Policy Summit: January 12, 2017. We’re welcoming five awesome panelists: Rae Trotta and Andrew Hening profiles are now posted online. And here are overviews of each of the sessions:

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